The Patriots clinch predictable Super Bowl win

Nickie Morris, Assistant Sports Editor

In the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history, many around campus regarded New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady’s sixth title as boring and routine.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl Feb. 3 with a score of 13-3. Starting with Brady’s first Super Bowl in 2002, the Patriots have appeared in nine out of 17 Super Bowls.

Sophomore Jason DiMase is not a Patriots fan and doesn’t particularly like the Rams either. However, he still wished for a more exciting Super Bowl.

“Yeah Brady won again and keeps breaking records, but honestly it’s just getting predictable,” DiMase said. “The Patriots are the evil empire in football right now that shuts out other teams from having any chance.”

While the Patriots surely take away Super Bowl titles from other teams, the increased revenue they make from being a winning empire only helps the league.

A July 17, 2018 Sporting News article said that with higher earning teams contributing more to NFL revenue sharing, “each team pulled in $255 million” in national revenue in 2017.

The Patriots enormous success in merchandise sales, TV deals and tickets only boost this monstrous profit, making more money for every team.

Junior Nick Brustin was in awe of New England’s continued success, despite not being much of a fan.

“Everybody loves an underdog, and to have an underdog you need a big kid who always wins, and that’s Tom Brady,” Brustin said.

With just three points scored in the entire first half by a kicked in field goal, the game let down expectations for an offensive outburst.

Instead, kicking and defensive strategy lead to victory. The Rams only scoring came from a 53-yard kick near the end of the third quarter.

Sophomore Lauren Meyer said she was disappointed with the game’s pace.

“That was honestly the most boring Super Bowl I have ever seen,” Meyer said.

Additionally frustrating for many at UVM was the poor song selection for the halftime show.

Throughout the internet, memes have been popping up about the let down of playing “Sicko Mode” instead of what everyone wanted, in “Sweet Victory.”

Senior Steven Tang said he only watched the Super Bowl for the halftime show and the snacks nearby and was let down by Maroon 5’s performance.

“Just when you hear the opening notes of ‘Sweet Victory’ they play the already overplayed ‘Sicko Mode’ and continue to disappoint,” Tang said. “I was not happy.”

The success and failure of a Super Bowl seems to depend more on fan demands than the actual winners of the game. At UVM, many fans deemed the 2019 game a disappointment.