Gutterson ranked top rink

If you’ve been around Burlington long enough, you’ve probably noticed that UVM’s campus is in a continual state of renovation. 

From the front walkway of Waterman to the new Redstone Apartments, the past few years have seen changes both big and small to the school’s landscape.

Yet, in the center of Athletic Campus sits an old standby in the UVM community: The Gutterson Fieldhouse.  

Since 1963 it has housed the Vermont’s hockey teams, routinely selling out its 4,007 seat capacity.

A recent article titled “The Top 10 Coolest Hockey Rinks In The World” listed the Fieldhouse at number seven.  

The full list of the “Top 10 Coolest Hockey Rinks In The World” can be seen by visiting

From Latvia, to Spain, to Canada, arenas from around the globe are all praised, but you don’t have to travel very far to see one for yourself.

While most of the rinks were listed for their exterior, Gutterson made the list for the “traditional barn atmosphere” of its interior.   

When you look up at the tan wood paneling that lines the arched ceilings, you’ll be able to see how Vermont’s largest hockey rink was inspired by  the  countryside.

From 1995 to 2004, the New York Rangers held their training camps in Gutterson, and in 1987 the US Men’s Olympic team visited for an exhibition game, according to the UVM Athletics website.

In more recent years, the Fieldhouse has hosting playoff hockey.  

The Cats hosted Northeastern in the 2008 Men’s Hockey East Quarterfinals, defeating them in a three-game series to advance to the Championship for the first time in school history.

The first televised women’s hockey game took place under our paneled barn roof between the US and Canadian Olympic teams. 

The womens team has already passed the total number of wins from last year and the men’s team is currently ranked 18 in the nation.  Things are definitely looking up after a couple of down years for the program.

While sidewalks are blocked off for construction and new renovations are being put into effect every year the Fieldhouse remains an unchanging monument to one of our school’s oldest traditions.