NFL Picks: Divisional finals

The American Football Conference and National Football Conference championship games are set for kickoff.

New England will travel to Denver to play for the AFC title.

They will take on the Denver Broncos in what will be a showdown of two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning is coming off a divisional round win against the San Diego Chargers, as well as one of the most impressive seasons for a quarterback.

Manning ended the season with a record setting 5,477 yards thrown, and threw 55 touchdown passes.

He surpassed New Englands’ Tom Brady, who held the record at 50 for the past three years.

With perhaps the greatest single season statistically officially under his belt, Manning looks to solidify his name in the history books by winning a Superbowl for two separate franchises, a feat never before reached by any quarterback.

In order to have that opportunity, Manning will have to go through the relentless patriotsin the AFC championship.

New England has suffered serious blows to its defensive firepower with injuries and the recent suspension of Brandon Spikes for reportedly being late to practice.

Competing against the number one offense in the league will be tough, but New England is respected for its extensive preparation and execution of game plans.

A battle of explosive offensives will decide the winner of the AFC championship, as the rivalry between Brady and Manning is renewed.

While this game could surely go either way, the Patriots should come out on top.

The Seattle Seahawks take on the defending NFC champion San Francisco 49ers in a defensive battle which will come down to whichever teams offense can find a way to rip apart the defense of the opposing team.

 The Seahawks will rely heavily on its 12th man, or home crowd, which is said by many to be the loudest, rowdiest fan base in the league.

With what many would say are the four best teams in the league competing for a spot in this year’s Superbowl, the conference championships are two games that a fan would not want to miss.