The Cynic’s weekly power rankings

1. Philadelphia Phillies (8-3)

Not only have the Phillies gotten off to a phenomenal start this year, they are doing it without the centerpiece of their lineup, Chase Utley. The starting rotation hasn’t been as daunting as people had thought — Cliff Lee, Cole Hammels and Joe Blanton all have ERAs above 5.50 — but those numbers will come down substantially as we move forward.

Roy Halladay pitched a complete game against Washington last week and the next night the Phillies rolled out Cliff Lee to make the start. How discouraging is that going to be for National League teams this season?

2. Texas Rangers (9-3)

Texas is undefeated at home this season, building off a spectacular home record last season. Texas has a lineup that can hit with the best of them — including the Yankees and Red Sox — but losing Josh Hamilton for roughly six weeks is a major blow.

That being said, David Murphy is a suitable replacement and a fan favorite in Texas. He will be able to fill some of the void left by Hamilton’s injury while Nelson Cruz and Michael Young will need to increase production. The rotation needs to be more consistent as they await the return of former Cy Young award winner Brandon Webb in late May.

3. Colorado Rockies (10-2)

Sure, sweeping a four game series against the Mets pads the record a little, but the Rockies look impressive thus far. The starting pitching, entering the year with some significant healthy concerns, has been outstanding. The starting rotation hasn’t been charged with a loss and has a combined ERA of only 3.09.

Not only has the pitching been outstanding, the Rockies’ two main run producers — Troy Tulowitzski and Carlos Gonzalez — have already combined for seven home runs and 22 RBI.

4. Cincinnati Reds (8-4)

This team can hit with the best of them and they are certainly doing so thus far. On any given night a different guy can give you a jolt of offensive production. The offense isn’t the surprising thing about the Reds; it’s the pitching. Despite the injury to Johnny Cueto — a solid number three starter for the Reds — the likes of Travis Wood and Sam LeCure have given the Reds pitching staff a lift.

5. Cleveland Indians (8-4)

I am not a believer in the Indians and I think they will come back down to earth in due time, but thus far no other team in the American League has distinguished themselves from the pack.