UVM Cycling Takes in Huge Win

UVM’s Cycling Team is certainly riding high this past month.

The club team just returned home after winning top honors in Division I of this past weekend’s Boston Beanpot Classic (April 3-4). Collegiate cyclists throughout the Northeast compete in the Beanpot, now in its annual third year, for prestigious first place, sectional and qualification awards.

UVM raced against such standard foes as Boston College, Cornell, Penn State, and Harvard but the real battle of the weekend was waged against Dartmouth College.

UVM beat Dartmouth, the Division 2 winner, during a dramatic Men’s A ten-mile road race on Saturday. UVM riders Keith Jennings and Kevin Bouchard-Hall went up against Dartmouth contenders Tim Clement and the nearly undefeated Michael Barton.

While slated winners Bouchard-Hall and Barton duked it out road-side, Jennings pulled ahead at the last minute for a dramatic and unexpected UVM win.

UVM also came out on top for the weekend as a whole. While the team lost Sunday morning’s road race to UNH, the Catamounts took top honors overall with 987 points. Penn State came in second overall with 630 points, and Dartmouth third at 585 points.

“Cycling is a team sport where teammates have to work together to get guys up the road or put their teammates in the position to win the sprint. A lot of teams are filled with individuals looking to get results for themselves and we don’t have that problem. Everyone works hard for the team and is more than willing to sacrifices their own results for the good of another teammate because they know that the next race they have the chance to get their own result with the help of the team. But the entire team was pumped for the weekend. It was a good van ride back home,” said Bouchard-Hall.

Over 300 riders from the Easter Collegiate Cycling Conference competed at the Beanpot this past weekend, making the event the largest regular season collegiate race in America. The race concluded with featured speaker and Tour de France rider Johnathon Vaughters.

“We are hoping we can continue the success through the Eastern Championships and win that race for the first time since 2000. Last year we got second and we are out for blood,” said Bouchard-Hall.