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The election was too close for comfort

The election was too close for comfort

Emily Johnston, Assistant Opinion Editor November 16, 2020

The five-day election took over the U.S. the week of November 3rd. In a nail-biting race, the election was close until its last days. On Nov. 7, the race was finally called for Biden. There are now...

Campaign signs fill a patch of snow covered grass outside the Fletcher Free Library Nov. 3, where UVM Campus Democrats stood outside congratulating students for voting throughout the day.

Student political groups hone in on local politics, don’t endorse Biden or Trump

Lila Cumming, Cynic News Reporter November 4, 2020

Despite a hotly contested national election that has Republicans and Democrats gearing up for a showdown, politically affiliated student groups on UVM’s campus have decided to shift their focus to state...

Ballot counting machine assigned to counting early ballots for Ward 7 inside of City Hall Oct. 29.

Students explain why they didn’t vote

Culture Staff November 3, 2020

Often the Cynic asks voters why they voted, but what about the group of people that didn't? Or what about the students and community members that did vote, but begrudgingly? The Cynic created an anonymous...

Vote vote vote vote vote

Vote vote vote vote vote

Staff Editorial October 28, 2020

Starting a few months ago, as the election got closer, voters began to worry about the postal services ability to handle the new volume of mail in ballots. Although much of this worry was politicized...

Kesha Ram speaks at the Women in Leadership Summit in 2017. Ram is set to be the first woman of color in the Vt. State Senate and will vote in the electoral college this November.

UVM alum chosen to serve as first VT woman of color in electoral college

Irene Choi, Assistant News Editor September 15, 2020

The UVM alum set to be the first woman of color in the Vermont State Senate will also serve as one of three Vermont electors for the 2020 presidential election. Kesha Ram, a democratic congressional...

Don't just settle for Biden, vote for Biden

Don’t just settle for Biden, vote for Biden

Sophie Oehler September 9, 2020

The night before the announcement of the presidential nominee is similar to the eve of a birthday.  You’ve spent all year making a list of demands, and hope your family bought you the right thing....

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