UVM alum chosen to serve as first VT woman of color in electoral college


Autumn Lee /The Vermont Cynic

Kesha Ram speaks at the Women in Leadership Summit in 2017. Ram is set to be the first woman of color in the Vt. State Senate and will vote in the electoral college this November.

The UVM alum set to be the first woman of color in the Vermont State Senate will also serve as one of three Vermont electors for the 2020 presidential election.

Kesha Ram, a democratic congressional candidate from Chittenden County, is slated to be the first woman of color in the Vermont State Senate following her success in the Aug.11 primary.

Ram announced on Twitter at 8:14 p.m. Sept.13 that she will also vote on behalf of the state in the Nov. 3 presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“I’m proud to say that I will be the first woman of color to do so in Vermont in a year when we have our first woman of color on the presidential ticket. I cannot think of a greater privilege,” Ram wrote.

Ram graduated from UVM in 2008 with a degree in Political Science and Natural Resource Planning, and served as President of SGA during her time on campus.

The 538 electors in the Electoral College are tasked with voting for a U.S. President and Vice President in the general election every four years. Although electors typically vote in accordance with popular vote, they have the discretion to vote for whoever they choose.

In her tweet announcing the new role, Ram included a photo of herself with “Biden Harris vote Nov. 3, 2020,” written across the bottom in capital letters.

“Please use your voice and your vote to elect creative, diverse and powerful leadership across our State and our country,” she stated in the twitter thread.