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UVMMC investigating if more funds could be taken by Trump Administration

Pictured is the view of the Medical Center from Converse Lot. The Office for Civil Rights, a sub-agency of the U.S. Department of Education, released a Notice of Violation Aug. 28 stating that UVM Medical Center forced a health care worker to assist with an abortion against her will.

Emma Pinezich, Cynic News Reporter

September 9, 2019

UVM Medical Center may lose more federal funding than originally expected after a nurse was forced to participate in an abortion procedure, a violation of federal law. The Office for Civil Rights, a sub-agency of the U.S. Department of Education, released a Notice of Violation Aug. 28 stating that ...

Prostestors Gather Near Med Center

Prostestors Gather Near Med Center

Meg Trogolo and Jullianne Lesch

October 4, 2018

Alek Fleury Two groups of protesters gathered on the sidewalks next to the UVM Medical Center’s main driveway Sept. 26. On one corner, members of the anti-abortion group 40 Days for Life held signs and prayed, while on the other corner, members of UVM’s International Socialist Organization and Planned...

The pro-choice vs. pro-life argument

The pro-choice vs. pro-life argument

Alexander Collingsworth and Jim Simpson

April 14, 2017

AC: Believe me, I grasp the irony that two men are debating abortion. Pro-lifers take the philosophical stance that life is sacred. Pro-choice advocates argue that women should have control over their own bodies, empowering them socially and economically. In a sense, these are both mora...

Articles fail to present holistic perspective

Articles fail to present holistic perspective

Guest Commentator

February 9, 2017

Two recent articles in the Cynic, “The Right to Choose in Trump’s America” and “Abortion in Trump’s America,” focus on abortion. Although the authors of each article effectively deal with this critically important issue, the first article contains information that needs clarifica...

Abortions need to be safe and legal

Ariana Arden

March 16, 2016

It’s been a long and harrowing political road, but the Republican candidates have finally dwindled to a manageable number. While I’m glad the clown car has come to an end, we must acknowledge the irresponsibility of the candidates. Last year they promised the world they would run for p...

On Cynic ads and politics

February 24, 2015

Dear Editor,I write in response to Mr. Joseph Brown’s editorial response to a letter of concern sent in by the student group Voices for Planned Parenthood that appeared in the Jan. 25, 2015 publication.I am not a member of VOX and this letter does not represent the views of that group in any official...

A response to VOX’s letter

February 10, 2015

Having read VOX’s letter to the editor, which was published in the Opinion section Jan. 28, it’s apparent that there are some people who do not understand the function of a newspaper, insofar as to how its editors and advertisement team may proffer opinion.I’m writing to offer an explanation, which ...

Problem with Cynic ads

January 27, 2015

In this past week’s issue, Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood at UVM was dismayed to see an insert from the pro-life group Vermont Right to Life. If the Cynic wishes to uphold credibility as a news source, they must exercise discretion and verify that their advertisements reflect reputable organizations...

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