Problem with Cynic ads

In this past week’s issue, Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood at UVM was dismayed to see an insert from the pro-life group Vermont Right to Life. If the Cynic wishes to uphold credibility as a news source, they must exercise discretion and verify that their advertisements reflect reputable organizations and accurate information.

To accept money for ad space while turning a blind eye to the people paying for it is irresponsible and harmful to all of their readers.

Vermont Right to Life spreads pro-life propaganda rooted in medical misinformation and fanaticism. Organizations like this feed lies to communities, coercing students into their clinics with promises of “pregnancy counseling” without ever mentioning abortion or the health risks of pregnancy.

Patients are then bombarded with shame, guilt and inaccurate medical information during what could be an individual’s most vulnerable moments. We are disappointed in the Cynic: while they are willing to condemn other religious fanatics on campus (Read: Jesus lady), yet are complicit in distributing these attested fliers if it pays for advertising.

Why is it that each year, the Student Activities fest allows CareNet and Birthright, Catholic pro-life organizations, to table among all other the “women’s wellness” groups without any indication that these are evangelical Christian plugs?

It’s one thing for these organizations to uphold this facade, but it’s another thing entirely when UVM representatives like the Cynic help these organizations to seep into our community without any critical attention to their motives.

We understand that the Cynic wants provide equal say from politically divergent groups. But promoting plural political perspectives is different than cashing checks from organizations like Vermont Right To Life, who will not respect a woman’s choice to have an abortion.

And while it’s shameful that in 2015 we’re still debating the efficacy of legislating and policing women’s bodies and reproductive choices, perhaps next time if the Cynic chooses to distribute anti-choice organizations’ literature, they won’t do so with bogus information, alongside of ignoring the fact allowing these advertisements into our school paper is, in fact, political and reflects poorly on their journalistic integrity.


Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood at UVM