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UVM and SGA consider removing portions of campus safety feature

A blue light shines through the falling snow on the Andrew Harris Green, Dec. 6. UVM Emergency Management and SGA President Jillian Scannell, a senior, are currently working to evaluate the use of the lights on campuses nationwide.

Zoe Stern, Assistant News Editor

December 10, 2019

SGA is working to assess the role of blue lights on UVM’s campus and determine if they should be removed and be replaced with an app.  But not all UVM students approve the idea, and UVM Emergency Management has yet to fully commit to the project. Blue lights are a series of alarm or panic s...

New safety device allows for peace of mind

New safety device allows for peace of mind

Bex Adams

February 10, 2016

Guard llamas are known to keep livestock safe from predators. Perhaps we should have a llama on every street corner in Burlington as a  safety measure. However, since we are a campus and not a farm, guard llamas now take shape as a pocket-sized device and still provide safety from predators. ...

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