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Letter to the Editor

November 3, 2017

  By Thomas J. Gustafson In a letter to the editor last week, some students asserted that UVM “waited four days” to identify the student who allegedly engaged in explicitly racist and threatening language directed toward African American members of our community. This assertion is incorr...

Silent response to racial threats is no response at all

Letter to the Editor

November 2, 2017

Early this October, Wes Richter made a threat against black students. He was quickly reported to authorities at UVM, and our administrators waited one day to send a vague email to students. Then they waited four days to name Richter. He has been charged with disorderly conduct but has not been expelled,...

Student cited for racist threats on campus

Lauren Schnepf, Assistant News Editor

October 9, 2017

UVM police services has cited a continuing education student after reports of violent racial slurs on campus. Administrators sent a campus-wide email Oct. 2 stating that threatening and racist language had been directed toward “African American students and general diversity initiatives at UVM....

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December 4, 2015

If students experience racial bias or discrimination there are a number of ways to seek help on campus.The African, Latino, Asian and Native American Student Center is one outlet that offers emotional support to students.“I would have no idea where to go. I guess I would try to confront the problem myself,” first-...

Member of Squash Club apologizes

Alexandra Shannon

November 18, 2015

Squash Club remains on probation after an email with a racial slur in the subject line was sent to the 68 members on the club’s listserv. Junior Edward Smith, the member who sent the email, sent another to the team’s listserv apologizing for the subject line Nov. 4. “For anyone who was disp...

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