Member of Squash Club apologizes

Squash Club remains on probation after an email with a racial slur in the subject line was sent to the 68 members on the club’s listserv.

Junior Edward Smith, the member who sent the email, sent another to the team’s listserv apologizing for the subject line Nov. 4.

“For anyone who was displeased with my last subject of an email I sent earlier I apologize, but you didn’t need to get the team suspended,” Smith said in the email. “I take full blame for this and the team had nothing to do with it.”

Smith did not respond for comment.

Sophomore Marylyn Rogel said she is the student who reported the incident.

Smith’s email did not ex- pressed a genuine apology, Rogel said.

“I felt that the apology email was a joke,” she said. “That’s not an apology email, it’s a follow-up email.”

Senior Grant Robin, Squash Club president, said he com- mends the individual who reported the language.

Robin sent out an email Nov. 4 expressing that the language used in Smith’s subject line does not reflect the leadership of the Squash Club or the SGA club sports code of conduct.

“We strive to be an inclusive, accepting and welcoming community and do not condone the use of vulgar or racial language in any circumstance,” he said in the Nov. 4 email.

Rogel said she was upset be- cause Robin sent out the apology email after she reported his initial email.

“I was really upset because immediately when they saw the email with the n-word in it, they should have sent out an apology or said ‘this is not a reflection of the whole squash team,’ but they didn’t until I reported the incident,” Rogel said.

Robin and Squash Club treasurer Will Vincett suspend- ed Smith from the team, Robin said.

The team will remain on interim suspension until they complete a social justice training, which has been pushed back until after Thanksgiving break, Robin said.

Rogel thinks the training is a good start to solve issues of bias and racism, she said.

“We live in world where people think racism no longer exists and that’s a part of the problem,” Rogel said. “So if students could at least take the time to educate themselves on systematic racism and oppres- sion overall, I think that’s a very good start.”

Clubs must not violate any principles of the University’s policy, according to SGA code of conduct.