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Closer to classes, far from community

Closer to classes, far from community

Tori Scala

September 27, 2019

Do you wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self to try something different? If I could, I would have told myself not to live in Central Campus Residence Hall as a first-year. I remember touring UVM in 2017, knowing that I wanted to live in CCRH. The residence hall was built in 20...

Central campus dining hall offers new meal options

Central campus dining hall offers new meal options

Kassondra Little, Staff Writer

September 11, 2017

In its first week open on campus, the line to the Central Campus Residence and Dining Hall was out of the door, passing over onto the Central green. At lunchtime on a weekday, students swarmed both outside and inside the new building. “They made some buttermilk pancakes the other day for breakfast that actually tas...

Construction to continue beyond 2019

A construction worker makes progress on the new STEM Lab Building Nov. 23. The construction of the building is scheduled to be completed by May 2019. STU LAPERLE/The Vermont Cynic

January 28, 2016

UVM and the UVM Medical Center are preparing for on-campus construction beyond 2019 due to the amount of buildings under construction.Construction is divided into three phases: the STEM labo- ratory, the classroom and office buildings which are to be completed in 2019 as well as multiple smaller projects...

Campus construction begins with demolition of shoeboxes

Campus construction begins with demolition of shoeboxes

John Riedel, Staff Writer

September 2, 2015

Big changes are coming to Central Campus as many of UVM’s construction projects are already under way. The Chittenden Buckham Wills housing Complex was demolished in July. In its place will be a new residence hall and an expansion of the UVM Medical Center. The residence hall will be completed b...

STEM complex to integrate campus

April 8, 2015

All the upcoming construction on Central campus poses the question of what the finished product will look like.With the STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — complex, the goal will be accessibility and collaboration. Right now, the facilities in Cook Physical Sciences and Vote...

First stages of construction to begin

April 6, 2015

Starting Wednesday, it might become a little harder to get to classes.The preparation for the numerous upcoming construction projects, will be allowed to begin April 1, said Robert Vaughan, director of capital planning and management. This means equipment, fencing and general preparation for the sum...

Shoebox dorms to be demolished

Bryan O'Keefe

March 24, 2015

This May, UVM will begin the demolition of three of its oldest residence halls: Chittenden, Buckham and Wills. This project will make way for some large changes on both the University’s Central campus and at the neighboring University of Vermont Medical Center. Though the the construction will...

Alumnus donates $1 million toward STEM project funds

Alumnus donates $1 million  toward STEM project funds

Caroline Alkire

March 10, 2015

With the help of the Pizzagalli family and the Pizzagalli Foundation, UVM is $1 million closer to their funding goal for the STEM project. The project is planned to begin this spring and the total cost is estimated at $104 million.      UVM is planning on obtaining all funding through non-debt-pro...

New plans for Central campus

February 3, 2015

UVM’s Master Housing Plan is trying to redesign the UVM campus for the fall 2017 semester.“We’re looking at where students should be living that bring them greater success,” said Annie Stevens, vice provost for the division of student affairs.“We want to make it so that first-year students are clo...

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