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Green Mountain Shower Thoughts – Comparing Champlain and UVM

Green Mountain Shower Thoughts - Comparing Champlain and UVM

Jacob Goodwin and Nathan Dole

October 23, 2019

In this episode, Jacob and Nate interview Jake from Champlain College. They discuss differences between UVM and Champlain and hit some other topics like video games along the way. Email [email protected] with feedback and suggestions.

CAS program allows students to take classes elsewhere

 Since fall 2017, the College of Arts and Sciences has allowed students to take courses at either Saint Michael’s College or Champlain College if the course is not offered at UVM.

Marjorie McWilliams, Staff Writer

March 11, 2019

It’s challenging to find the perfect program: in one university, a place that offers in-depth classes in every possible discipline. However, UVM College of Arts and Sciences Consortium makes it possible to gain the best of both worlds between 3 institutions for CAS students. Since fall...

City of Burlington requests larger UVM payment for downtown services

AUTUMN LEE / The Vermont Cynic
Senior Chris Petrillo discusses his plans for student government and the UVM community as the new SGA President.

Lindsay Freed, Senior Staff Writer

November 5, 2017

For the first time ever, the city of Burlington is asking UVM to pay for using Burlington infrastructure. In 2017, the University paid $3 million to the city for fire and police services, according to the UVM 2017 payment for services agreement report.   Burlington’s proposal is asking for UVM to pay...

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