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Three study tips by way of Capitol Hill

Three study tips by way of Capitol Hill

Abby Robins

August 30, 2019

As summer ends, I have been reflecting on my experience working as a legislative intern in Sen. Patrick Leahy’s office on Capitol Hill. I had opportunities to attend briefings, write memoranda for senior staff, answer constituent calls and watch politics in action. Throughout this experience, I identifi...

Engage in democracy and vote

Engage in democracy and vote

Staff Editorial

October 17, 2018

The polls open for many of our state and local midterms Nov. 6. As we enter this election season, people all over the country are starting to feel the pressures of voter turnout. But because news media covers presidential elections extensively, there is a general tendency for people to feel disintereste...

Student starts national petition

Student starts national petition

Sawyer Loftus, Assistant Breaking News Editor

September 17, 2018

After a UVM sophomore reported her rape to University officials, she found a hole in UVM Policy allowing dismissed students to avoid disclosing past misconduct. Sophomore Syd Ovitt started a petition aimed at flagging students who attempt to transfer to a new college or university after being dismissed...

The NSA is watching us and we should be afraid

Simon Bupp-Chickering

February 23, 2018

We were warned, but we didn’t listen. In 2013 Edward Snowden exposed how the National Security Agency was surveilling U.S. citizens under the guise of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and other counterterrorism measures. Intended to allow intelligence agencies to prevent ...

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