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A testing vial sits in a makeshift distribution pipe at UVM's COVID-19 testing site.

COVID-19 at UVM: Off-campus cases rise sharply, UK variant detected

Ella Ruehsen , Assistant News Editor March 23, 2021

UVM reported nearly 100 new COVID-19 cases in the last week, nearly 70 of which were off-campus, marking an all-time high in UVM’s weekly case-count since the start of the pandemic.  Additionally,...

To meet the new testing requirements some students now need to get tested on Saturdays.

COVID-19 round-up: 41 positives, extended twice-weekly testing and graduation plans

Ella Ruehsen , Assistant News Editor March 16, 2021

Forty-one new cases of COVID-19 were discovered among the student body in the last week, with 21 from on-campus students and 20 from off-campus students.  Three days before the week’s results were...

Don’t hold off on getting vaccinated

Don’t hold off on getting vaccinated

Tori Scala, Staff Writer March 10, 2021

I’m dumbfounded that after the worst year of our entire lives people still will delay the solution to this mess of a situation.  I’ve heard all the rumors, misconceptions and blatant lies from...

No spring break will cause stress among faculty, students

No spring break will cause stress among faculty, students

Emily Johnston, Assistant Opinion Editor February 26, 2021

A semester with no breaks will lead to large-scale burnout among UVM students. I understand why the state decided to forego a spring break in favor of a longer winter one; COVID-19 rages on there are...

UVM needs to help us keep our promise

UVM needs to help us keep our promise

Sophie Oehler, Opinion Columnist October 14, 2020

The French have a saying: con comme ses pieds. It means “stupid as the feet”, and it essentially encompasses my personality.  I forgot to take my COVID test. It was a lapse in brain function, and...

Annie Stevens makes a phone call at a student protest for racial
justice Feb. 22, 2018 in front of the Waterman Building.

At least 700 students have been sanctioned for COVID-19 violations

Anna Morrill, Cynic News Reporter September 30, 2020

Although 700 UVM students have already been disciplined for COVID-19-related violations just four weeks into the semester, students still congregated in large crowds without masks this past weekend. Vice...

ResLife dismisses RAs' plea for hazard pay and more COVID-19 protection

ResLife dismisses RAs’ plea for hazard pay and more COVID-19 protection

Lilly Page, Cynic News Reporter September 18, 2020

Frustrated with the lack of protection and guidelines for COVID-19 situations, a group of anonymous RAs sent a list of demands to the director of ResLife.   Three days later, they received a response...

UVM students stand in a long line outside of the Davis center Covid testing site, Sept. 10.

Weekly COVID testing to continue through November, UVM President says

Irene Choi, Assistant News Editor September 17, 2020

UVM will continue mandatory COVID-19 testing for students through the beginning of November, the University announced just days before student testing was set to expire. Before UVM President Suresh...

A week of news

A week of news

Staff Report May 31, 2020

UVM explores what the Fall semester might look like UVM is exploring changes to the school year to lessen the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, according to a May 22 VPR article. UVM's Vice President...

Richard Cate, vice president for finance and UVM treasurer, walks to his seat during the board of trustees meeting, Jan. 31. Cate became vice president for finance and treasurer in 2013.

UVM forced to make budget cuts amidst pandemic’s economic crisis

Irene Choi, Cynic News Reporter April 29, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to wreak financial havoc on workers, families and schools all across the nation, UVM faces further budget cuts that will impact the entire UVM community. After a notice from Provost...

Stay calm, despite COVID-19 threats

Sophie Oehler, Opinion Writer March 22, 2020
A virus like COVID-19 can kill us. But fear will destroy us. We can’t let that happen.
Senior forward Anthony Lamb reaches for the ball at a home game against University of Maine Feb. 5. UVM athletics has cancelled the remainder of the 2019-2020 athletic season, following a slew of other athletic cancellations.   

Your Friday COVID-19 updates

Staff Report March 13, 2020

In the last 48 hours, UVM has made several announcements regarding how COVID-19 will affect students. Here's what you need to know: UVM athletics cancels all activities UVM athletics has cancelled the...

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