Don’t hold off on getting vaccinated

Tori Scala, Staff Writer

I’m dumbfounded that after the worst year of our entire lives people still will delay the solution to this mess of a situation. 

I’ve heard all the rumors, misconceptions and blatant lies from those who want to discourage people from getting the coronavirus vaccine, and it honestly makes me so upset.

I’ve also been in situations with individuals who say they aren’t getting the vaccine when it is their turn, but…they have no reasoning to back their decision. 

I really hate how this virus has gotten so political. The way I see it: if you do not want to be associated with receiving a coronavirus vaccine, at least have solid reasons and evidence to back yourself. 

The Mayo Clinic has a website that lists most of the speculation and myths around the COVID-19 vaccine. Among all of these myths the ones I have most heard about are that the vaccine can cause infertility and that there are severe side effects. 

I can say first hand that there are no severe and long lasting side effects to the vaccine. I was lucky enough to already receive both doses of my shot and the side effects were minor and lasted at most a single day. 

After my first dose, I experienced a sore arm for a day and after my second dose I felt tired for about 24 hours. After that, I was on the road to immunity! 

I cannot speak for everyone, and I am obviously not a doctor. I’ll leave it to the experts to explain all of the possible side effects recipients may experience. 

The Mayo Clinic also stated the COVID-19 vaccine side effects are mild to moderate and most importantly short term. This should leave those who bash the vaccine to rest easy knowing that they will be fine in the long run. 

I get it though, everyone can have an opinion. As my mother would say, “This is what makes the world go round Tori.” 

But the decision to opt-out of getting vaccinated is so much bigger than one individual. 

So many UVM students want to help their community and get the vaccinated, but there is little to no plan for a vaccine rollout in the state of Vermont. This contradicts President Biden’s claim that the U.S. will have enough vaccines for every adult by the end of May. 

My question is-where do college aged students fit into this plan? 

On the Vermont Department of Health website there is minimal information on how these vaccines will be given. The website only states that vaccines will be given to those who have a critical response to COVID-19, those who are providing direct care to others, and those who are at the highest risk for developing the virus. 

With the University of Vermont housing about 5,000 students on campus, and even more living off campus, wouldn’t the state feel as though we are a group that should be protected? 

The University of Vermont, along with other colleges in the area, provide financial stability for the Burlington community, and the state as a whole. 

Obviously right now things are different in the Burlington financial landscape, and if the vaccines are not provided to students soon, 2021 may be another disappointing year for many local businesses. 

If I was Governor Phil Scott I would see these student populations as a critical piece in the vaccine rollout.  

I know I must sound like a broken record, but the vaccine can also help UVM get back to normal, and who doesn’t want that? I know I sure do.

I miss UVM and how life used to be. Everyone congregated on the first floor of the Howe library and did absolutely anything except studying. How I used to meet my friends in the Davis Center for New World dates and watch the world pass us by as we ate our lunch. 

I just miss being able to socialize with others who are out of my pod of people I see daily. 

The vaccine can change so many things for us, like finally going back to in person classes and events. Just think of a happy moment before last march, and think if you could have this moment now, in our current environment without the vaccine. 

Odds are you probably couldn’t.

You can help yourself, your community, your country and the world just by agreeing to get the safe COVID-19 vaccine when it is your turn to do so. 

I’m hoping Vermont realizes that students are a large part in how this pandemic will be put to an end in our community.

Let us be the reason this pandemic ends.