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Film reveals a Russian hockey team’s confliction

Colin Kamphuis April 8, 2015

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States engaged in proxy wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and the world of international ice hockey. At the end of WWII, the Soviet Union was in shambles. There...

Hyper-realism artist speaks on his latest painting

April 5, 2015

A world-renowned artist has recently been chosen by the United States Postal Service to have his painting appear on a stamp.Ross Rossin, an oil-on-canvas portrait artist from Bulgaria, painted a 48 by-48...

“Foxcatcher” wrestles with the after effects of success

Colin Kamphuis March 24, 2015

A reclusive, eccentric billionaire and a world champion wrestler team up to train for the 1988 Olympics in the five-time Oscar-nominated movie, “Foxcatcher.” Rather than focusing solely on the athlete’s...

Kendrick’s ‘allegory of the hood’

March 24, 2015

Kendrick Lamar released the most anticipated album of the year, which is more of a philosophical message than a rap album.Kendrick Lamar’s message in “To Pimp a Butterfly” reflects one similar to...

Disco Biscuits serve fresh jams

Disco Biscuits serve fresh jams

March 18, 2015

The Springfest artists have been announced and the Disco Biscuits and AlunaGeorge will grace the stage on the Chittenden Buckham and Wills green next month.UPB revealed the news by unveiling the Springfest...

Artificial Intelligence is not what it used to be

Colin Kamphuis March 18, 2015

Torn between rival gangs and his creator, the robot “CHAPPiE” struggles to realize his purpose and navigate 2016 Johannesburg, South Africa. However, despite a promising premise, “CHAPPiE” as...

Rapper explores past in new EP

Rapper explores past in new EP

March 18, 2015

Tupac Shakur blurred the lines between gangster rap and socially conscious rap, revealing the true struggles of a gangster.Freddie Gibbs’ new EP “Pronto” is the fresh breath of crack-laced air that...

Lines of heaven and hell crossed

Allie Osorno March 18, 2015

In 2011 one band entered into the music scene with a sense of electric mystery to their music. Four years later, the group Purity Ring has resurfaced with an enhanced pop-y sound to their new album, “Another...

Michigan jeweler comes to Burlington

Michigan jeweler comes to Burlington

March 18, 2015

A new award-winning artist has arrived in Burlington.Denise Fletcher, owner of Deda Jewelry, creates pieces from materials such as gold, silver, pearls and gems.Fletcher has been awarded the Best of Jewelry...

Film illustrates life of playboy

Colin Kamphuis March 10, 2015

Alcoholic, playboy, baby daddy; words one might use to describe the ill-tempered  Joseph Turner, played by Timothy Spall, who is perhaps Britain’s greatest artist and the titular character of the film...

Refugee drummers return

Refugee drummers return

Allie Osorno March 10, 2015

In the midst of a brutal genocide a group of refugees, brought together by war and a common interest in music,  played to ease the burden of war  for their fellow countrymen. “The Sierra Leone’s...

New Kanye song is eh

March 10, 2015

Radical and highly opinionated, Kanye West has gathered his entourage once again to deliver his new single “All Day.”The single is a part of his upcoming album, “So Help Me God.”The track presents...

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