Lines of heaven and hell crossed

In 2011 one band entered into the music scene with a sense of electric mystery to their music.

Four years later, the group Purity Ring has resurfaced with an enhanced pop-y sound to their new album, “Another Eternity.” There has been much anticipation for the release of Purity Ring’s new album.

Due to this, it has big expectations to live up to. Another Eternity lacks the cruelty of their first album and adds a softer pop aspect.

It has the potential to pass as a song on Kiss FM 100.3. “Shrines,” their debut album, unleashes all of your inner demons and gives you a sense of invincibility.

“Another Eternity,” although it has that similar feeling of empowerment, reminds you that Lucifer was  an angel before he became the devil. The vocals in their second album have slightly progressed to overpower the sound.

Although Megan James’ voice is angelic, it isn’t the only thing you want to hear. In their last album, there was equilibrium between sound and vocals, which allows for the music to level out what can occasionally be a whiney voice.

Either way, listening to the lustful vocals of James and Corin Roddick’s exhilarating instrumentals, encumbers all conscious thoughts.

In the past, Purity Ring has gone as far as covering a Soulja Boy song. Megan James’ rap in“Grammy” is slightly more appealing to the ear.  The 2011 EP is best song they’ve done yet.

Their new song, “Stranger than Earth” starts with a heavy bass and faint background cry. The lyrics “there was a danger that seeped from my skull, oh how it dripped on us all” returns back to that lustful demonic aspect their music can exemplify.

The lyrics of their music often express qualities of sinful behavior. Upon listening, it’s hard to disregard the devil that sits on your shoulder.

When music has the ability to take you away from reality and overpower consciousness to ignite an emotion, you know it’s worthwhile. While their music may be captivating, their live shows take it to another level.

James transforms into a fairy on set. She uses her magic wand to illuminate lanterns on stage while remaining in sync with the music. As each drop or beat occurs in a song, a tap of her wand ignites a lantern.

Their sets are also engulfed in thick white smoke and as each lantern is touched, the stage illuminates into different colors. Purity Ring will play at  Higher Ground June 4 for anyone who will be here over the summer.

It will be a show you don’t want to miss.