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New dean of libraries says he’ll increase student resources to succeed

Dean of Libraries Bryn Geffert works in his office in Howe Library, Sept. 13. Even after entering the world of libraries, Geffert never saw himself as a library director.
Zoe Stern, Cynic News Reporter September 19, 2019

UVM’s new dean of libraries discovered his love of books when he was a child, but he didn’t plan on being a librarian until college. Dr. Bryn Geffert was appointed dean of libraries May 13 and before...

Budget cuts end ‘All Night’ study space in library

Budget cuts end 'All Night' study space in library
Cullen Paradis, Staff Writer April 30, 2019

Howe Library will end the All Night Study program in the face of budget cuts, leaving some students without a study space. Administrators decided to close the program after 16 years in an attempt to...

Dean of Libraries to step down

Dean of Libraries to step down
Sawyer Loftus, Assistant Breaking News Editor August 30, 2018

The dean of UVM libraries will step down this summer after a new dean is selected. President Tom Sullivan announced the leadership change in an email to the UVM community Aug. 30. Mara Saule, the dean...

Dean of Libraries and CIO positions to be split

T. Simeon Ananou, the new CIO, effective July 1.
Lee Hughes, Staff Writer May 2, 2018

The dean of libraries and chief information officer positions are being separated to ensure both receive the proper amount of attention to achieve their goals, Mara Saule, the current CIO and dean of libraries,...

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