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Democratic socialism is wrong for the U.S.

Democratic socialism is wrong for the U.S.

Ian Nathan

March 7, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders helped bring it to the mainstream. Democratic socialism is supposed to create a transition away from capitalism and shift to socialism. Social democracy, or democratic socialism, is an economic ideology that is growing within the United States. My intentio...

Resisting rent control

James Simpson

March 23, 2018

Due to the high cost of housing here in Burlington, many residents might find the idea of rent control attractive. But rent control is bad economic policy, and would hurt the people it is supposed to help. Rent control is a government-imposed price ceiling on rent. Landlords would not legally be a...

Market volatility within Trump’s America

Market volatility within Trump’s America

Gabriella Marchesi

March 2, 2017

The stock market is inherently volatile—investors will be hesitant in the face of uncertainty and rally when conditions are more favorable. Stock prices fluctuate constantly; supply and demand— or the amount of buyers versus the amount of sellers in the market—is always changing. One of the...

Potential Dodd-Frank repeal threatens US economy

Potential Dodd-Frank repeal threatens US economy

Gaetano Martello

February 18, 2017

President Trump has begun to shift his focus to finance. There are far less people paying attention to this issue, as his immigration policy has garnered a far more popular following, but I believe that this is what will most poignantly display Trump’s hypocrisy towards a very large portio...

Econ professor is recognized

September 22, 2016

One of UVM’s most prestigious professorships has just been awarded, adding to the number of professors to bear the Green and Gold title. Jane Knodell, professor of economics, was awarded the Mark J. Zwynenburg Green and Gold Professorship for her dedication and hard work at UVM. The p...

The time to raise the minimum wage has come

March 24, 2016

After three rounds of Quantitative Easing, where the Federal Reserve created money in order to buy securities, several near-zero interest rate years, aggressive fiscal stimuli and soaring job growth, where is the strong wage growth to show for it all?A recent report by the Economic Policy Institute noted...

Are we headed for another recession?

<p>Are we headed for another recession?</p>

February 25, 2016

[media-credit name="ALYSSA HANDELMAN" align="alignnone" width="300"][/media-credit]There is a plethora of indicators to look at when gauging the strength of the economy. Where one economist might be running to the hills, another may be optimistic. But facts are facts: exports have slowed and so has i...

The Federal Reserve & us

The Federal Reserve & us

February 3, 2016

You hear all this chatter about the Federal Reserve doing this and doing that and therefore the markets are “bullish” or “bearish” and so on and so forth. But what do changes in monetary policy really mean to you, the (above) average student?The effects of changing monetary policy are felt by...

The three Cs of economics

April 21, 2015

There are three words that you will hardly hear mentioned in a neoclassical economics class.These words are not forbidden, these topics are not banned, but we prefer not to discuss them. Capitalism. Consumerism. Corporations.Considering how fundamentally important these three subjects are to the study of ec...

The false recovery

November 18, 2014

As college students who will soon enter the labor market, the unemployment rate is an important indicator of how the economy will be when we graduate.If the unemployment rate is low, the economy is expanding and there are plenty of jobs being created.In this scenario, workers have more power because th...

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