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Henry’s final exams guide

Henry’s final exams guide

Henry Mitchell

December 9, 2018

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This has been a year of change and hope, where we finally learned to take matters into our own hands through sheer effort and dedication. So you’re all set for finals week and totally don’t need my assistance. Ah shucks, who am I kidding … I’ll help you out again. 1: Extortion. Professors hav...

Mental help spikes

Mental help spikes

Erika B. Lewy

December 6, 2016

Filed under Campus, News

The increase in students requesting mental health services at UVM — particularly during finals —may actually be a very good sign, several university officials said. As the stigma around getting support for mental health issues dissipates, students are more likely to seek help, said Jon Port...

The feeling of being done

The feeling of being done

Eva Bartels

April 21, 2016

Filed under Columns, Life

There seems to be a term for every bad thing that could happen in college which makes it sound cuter than it actually is. The “freshman 15” is glamorous compared to the reality of eating full pints of ice cream in one sitting and not even considering going to the gym. For those of you like me...

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