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The Changing Face of UVM: Students and faculty take a stand against budget cuts

A portrait of UVM graduate John Dewey, a philosopher and proponent of an education as a means of social reform, overlooks the John Dewey Lounge as sophomore Charlotte Looby delivers an impassioned speech Feb. 5 at a United Academics meeting.

Lindsay Freed and Lee Hughes

February 19, 2019

Faculty and student outcry has followed cuts in certain College of Arts and Sciences’ programs due to declining enrollment. The faculty union, United Academics, held a teach-in Feb. 14 in front of Howe Library, while students participated with UA in letter-writing campaigns and distribution of posters cri...

Committee created to study new budget model

Committee created to study new budget model

April 29, 2016

Due to recent concerns by faculty members, UVM has created a new committee to study the impact of the University’s new budgeting model. The Education Stewardship Committee, a joint group of the provost and the faculty senate, was created in August 2015 to monitor the impact of the incentive-b...

Clarification on new budget model

April 7, 2016

Dear Editor,I remain grateful for the continued interest and engagement in our transition to a new budget model. In response to the March 30, 2016 Cynic article on IBB, I’d like to provide the following thoughts and clarifications.I, too, share concern about access, affordability, resources and the ...

Professors criticize university budget plan

Professors criticize university budget plan

March 30, 2016

Faculty members are concerned departments may not get the resources they need due to UVM’s new incentive-based budgeting system. Incentive-based budgeting was developed in 2014 to combat the problems of the former budget model, which included “lack of transparency, little flexibility and few...

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