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Give public transit back to the public

Give public transit back to the public

Chris Harrell

October 24, 2019

Any good, self-respecting Catamount carries three items with them when they leave their house: an autographed picture of Rally Cat, a flask full of Vermont maple syrup and their CATcard. I’m kidding about the first two, of course, but even if you don’t live in a dorm or eat at the dining halls, you...

The subtle social network of summer camp

The subtle social network of summer camp

Izzy Abraham

August 29, 2019

Camp, a classic summer tradition, tends to polarize Americans. With the purest, sunniest fun that comes with summer camp, so too come divisions of race and income. The monetary cost of summer camp gives some kids the upper hand and puts others at a disadvantage. And those kids are mostly nonwhite....

Scout’s honor” inequality

Scout's honor

Staff Editorial

October 18, 2017

Last week, Boy Scouts of America announced that the organization was opening the Eagle Scout rank to girls. We agree that gender is a social construct, and the aim of BSA is to show that anyone should be able to join the scouting organization. We understand that being able to enroll children in...

The problem of inequality

February 24, 2015

There is nothing in the free market system to prevent the further accumulation of wealth among the extremely wealthy and the social inequality it produces.On the contrary, the democratic institutions of the United States have been corrupted to reflect the demands of the richest members of society resu...

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