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Asbestos should not be a secret

Asbestos should not be a secret

Staff Editorial

November 20, 2019

In a Nov. 8 email sent to all residents of McAuley Hall on Trinity campus, UVM sought to “address any concerns and clarify any misinformation,” about the asbestos material in the building. This message was sadly long overdue. The email explained that the project discussed in our article “is i...

McAuley Hall’s “hazardous” material removal delayed

McAuley Hall basks in the sunshine on Trinity campus, Nov. 1. Asbestos, one of the hazardous materials used in the construction of the building, was outlawed in the ‘70s because it causes cancer.

Lilly Page, Staff Writer

November 6, 2019

Renovations planned for McAuley Hall that would remove hazardous materials and other problems has been pushed back another year.  Students living in the hall right now are frustrated that the building contains hazardous materials, but a University official said there is no need to worry.  The 15-...

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