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Brands shouldn’t be driven by memes

Brands shouldn’t be driven by memes

Henry Mitchell

February 20, 2020

For years, I’ve tried ignoring brands’ attempts at keeping their image up to date. But with “Baby Nut,” I think brands have to stop fixating on social media. Baby Nut is the new image of Planters peanuts. After the tragic “death” of their previous mascot, Mr. Peanut, the company brought...

Nothing is written in the stars

Nothing is written in the stars

Mills Sparkman, Opinion Editor

November 13, 2019

The bad news: Mercury is in retrograde, according to this year’s Farmer’s Almanac. The good news: it doesn’t matter. In recent years, astrology has gained a new life in memes on social media. We use it to explain the ups and downs of our lives, but we’re playing a dangerous game. The app Co-S...

What it’s like to run a UVM meme account

What it's like to run a UVM meme account

David Cabrera, Podcast Editor

November 6, 2019

Ever wondered what it's like running one of those UVM meme accounts on instagram? David interviewed @uvm50kayearforthis and @grundlegarlicdaily to find out.

Students mobilize against budget cuts

Sophomore Nina Singleton-Spencer sits among students and faculty during the discussion portion of a Feb. 5 United Academics meeting. Students have expressed their frustrations over the College of Arts and Sciences budget changes through posters, memes and protests.

Lindsay Freed and Lee Hughes

March 1, 2019

In light of budget changes to the College of Arts and Sciences, students have expressed their frustration on campus and online. Students have been hanging posters, posting memes and helping organize protests after cuts were made to humanities programs, including the loss of lecturer positions in classi...

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