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Racism isn't a mental illness and bigotry isn't a disability

Racism isn’t a mental illness and bigotry isn’t a disability

Moirha Smith, Staff Writer September 9, 2020

In the discussion of racial violence in the US, there’s a common claim that racism and bigotry are mental illnesses. I cannot count how many times I have heard that racists are mentally ill or...

Trustees gather for their Oct. 26, 2019 meeting. The board met virtually for their last meeting of the school year May 15.

Four takeaways from October 2019’s board of trustees meeting

Staff Report October 29, 2019

The group that governs UVM met Oct. 25-26 on the University’s campus to discuss and vote on UVM’s future. The group, the board of trustees, meets three times per academic year in October, February...

When “you time” takes a toll on time

When “you time” takes a toll on time

Izzy Abraham October 25, 2019

Mindfulness is entering the mainstream as trendy, cute and healthy, but being mindful can be a chore to those with busy routines. It’s no wonder that because of this, most people monetize the invaluable...

How to find comfort in being uncomfortable: breathe

How to find comfort in being uncomfortable: breathe

Valerie Davis September 21, 2019

Breathe. Just breathe.Ever since the first day of classes as a first-year just four weeks ago, these three words have been crucial to almost every aspect of my life. Since arriving at UVM, my life has...

Ayahuasca: the alternative antidepressant

Ayahuasca: the alternative antidepressant

Caroline Slack, Assistant Feature Editor April 24, 2019

Though psychedelics are often portrayed in popular culture as recreational drugs, psychedelics like ayahuasca have played a role in religious ceremonies and alternative medicine. Josh — not his real...

The Jacob’s House is home to UVM’s Counselling and Psychiatry Services where students can set up appointments with counsellors for their mental health needs.

Students seek mental health help in winter months

Jean MacBride, Staff Writer February 13, 2019

Vermont’s dark winters, with their bluster and shadow, leave many studetns struggling with their mental health. Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that occurs in nine percent...

This year, do self-care for you

This year, do self-care for you

Izzy Abraham January 25, 2019

Mid-way through January, many people have New Years’ resolutions dictating their daily routines and choices. By opting to work out more frequently, eat a healthier diet or cut back on alcohol and drugs,...

UVM mental health professionals: we care about you

Letter to the Editor November 17, 2018

We who work to support UVM students’ health and well-being continually seek ways to improve the services we provide that support students’ mental health needs. Like colleges across the country, UVM...

The Jacobs House hosts UVM's counseling and psychiatric services. CAPS services are only meant to be used as short-term counseling, but students are unaware of this, said junior Alexa Hererra.

CAPS uses short-term model

Ben Drape, Staff Writer October 18, 2018

UVM’S Counseling and Psychiatry Services are only meant to be used as short-term counseling, despite students desiring long-term services. CAPS uses a short-term model when counseling clients, Interim...

SGA demands counselors

SGA demands counselors

Staff Editorial April 11, 2018

Last week, SGA highlighted a desperate need for a counselor dedicated to the serving students of color at UVM. First-year SGA senator Carter Yee brought up a resolution calling on Counseling and Psychiatry...

Mental health on campus

Mental health on campus

Staff Editorial February 14, 2018

Last semester, a first-year illustrator on staff, Cole Thornton, was struggling with the transition to college. The stresses Thornton experienced were routine: balancing the buffet of social opportunities...

Students need more mental health services

Students need more mental health services

Joey Waldinger, Assistant News Editor February 12, 2018

At the end of last semester, senior George S. Tolley IV sought help from Counseling and Psychiatry Services for the first time of his college career, he said. His was a special case, so after calling...

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