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For 2020, we need to care about policy

For 2020, we need to care about policy

Ari Kotler

February 28, 2019

The Democratic primary is more than a year away, but news outlets have already begun asking: who will you vote for in 2020? Voters’ choice will have profound consequences, but with upwards of 15 candidates likely to run for president as Democrats, the wounds of 2016 still unmended, a battle of ideas between the party establishment and the ...

Board of trustees third tri-annual meeting

Lindsay Freed, Staff Writer

May 25, 2017

New Minors and Certificates Presented to the Board The Faculty Senate approved two new minors and two new undergraduate certificates. The new public policy analysis minor will be in the College of Arts and Sciences, and the minor in education for cultural and linguistic diversity will be in the Co...

Solo album inspires criticism

February 24, 2015

Important music, the kind that inspires and excites listeners, isn’t easily achieved.“Policy,” the first solo album by Arcade Fire’s Will Butler, brother of frontman Win Butler, is trying very hard to be important music.It’s an album that wants to be seen as a statement on the state of music ...

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