Board of trustees third tri-annual meeting

Lindsay Freed, Staff Writer

New Minors and Certificates Presented to the Board

The Faculty Senate approved two new minors and two new undergraduate certificates. The new public policy analysis minor will be in the College of Arts and Sciences, and the minor in education for cultural and linguistic diversity will be in the College of Education and Social Services. The certificate in physical activity promotion in children and youth is from the CAS, CESS and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. The certificate in computer-aided engineering technology is from the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. The Senate also approved a new University-wide general education requirement.


Hazing and Residency Policy

The board approved changes made to the University’s Hazing Policy and Residency Policy.



The board announced that the tuition increase for the 2017-2018 academic year will be the lowest since 1977. In-state tuition is increasing by 2.7 percent, from $15,096 to $15,540, and out-of-state tuition increasing 2.5 percent, from $38,180 to $39,120.


Staff Council President, Kim Swim

On April 11, the board offered a Staff Women’s Forum for all female-identified staff at the University.  There were over 100 attendees were present. Presentations were given by speakers from the community. One example was Lynn Budnik, Advising & Recruitment Manager, who presented Game Changing Career Tips for Women.


Vermont Agricultural College Board

The board spoke about UVM’s relationship with the community of state residents.  “There is a distrust in Vermont of large, successful institutions, of which UVM is one,” Rep. Tristan Toleno said. Other board members discussed how to bring UVM and the community together. Further, member Carolyn Dwyer said students are underutilized in spreading UVM’s image. “We should have students speaking before the legislature,” she said.