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When party loyalty is unconstituted

When party loyalty is unconstituted

Emily Johnston

February 5, 2020

With President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial under way, it is clear that some in Congress are willing to stay loyal to their political party, even if doing so is against the Constitution. Take a look at the impeachment trial in the U.S. House of Representatives: no Republicans voted to impeach...

In 2020, we can’t lose sight of the fight for the Senate

In 2020, we can’t lose sight of the fight for the Senate

Chris Harrell

August 31, 2019

This summer’s political headlines have been filled with drama from the run up to the Democratic primary. Sen. Bernie Sanders did this, former Vice President Joe Biden said that,  Sen. Elizabeth Warren released a plan for that. But one giant piece of the 2020 puzzle isn’t getting enough attention: t...

Can the moderates survive in today’s political arena?

Can the moderates survive in today's political arena?

Kate Lipman

November 2, 2016

With the presidential race on everyone’s mind, especially those of us who are finally old enough to vote for the first time, I’ve started to wonder about why the U.S. political field seems to have become so polarized. It seems that there are rarely moderate candidates who get very far in higher o...

Party predictions for 2016

November 11, 2014

Last week, the Republican Party took complete control of Capitol Hill.Additionally, the blue governors’ seats in Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois were taken by conservative candidates.Simply put, the GOP crushed the Democratic Party in a manner reminiscent of the Democratic pulverizing Preside...

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