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Campus suits-up for the 2015 Halloween weekend

Camilla Broccolo

October 28, 2015

With the Halloween weekend approaching, students and campus organizations are preparing for the festivities. Students like junior Erin Mahoney use the weekend as an opportunity to go out more. “I plan on going to a party at my friend’s house,” Mahoney said. “I’m going to be a ‘pink l...

Challenges faced by international students

October 28, 2015

UVM’s international student population is growing and more resources will be required to meet their needs, but there are still struggles.“I’ve heard Americans call [The Marsh-Austin-Tupper Dorms] the ‘China Wall,’” said sophomore Stas Litvinenka, an international student from Belarus.About 25 p...

Lecture explores 19th century opiate use in Vermont

October 28, 2015

An author and former federal prosecutor talked about the widespread opiate addiction Vermonters had in the mid to late 19th century Oct. 20 in UVM’s Waterman Lounge.Gary Shattuck gave his lecture as the first in a series dedicated in memory of Samuel Hand, a historian, political scientist and scholar...

Studio 5 Spotlight 

October 25, 2015

From mothers coming in with their 7-year old daughter to 72-year old retirees looking for new hobbies, the art of DJing is rapidly increasing in popularity in every demographic.John “DJ Johnny Utah” Jones and Russell “DJ Mashtodon” founded the Studio 5 DJ school in Burlington about a year and a h...

Profile on Women’s Soccer head coach Kristi Lefebvre

Claire Messersmith

October 23, 2015

Hired in 2010, at 26, Kristi Lefebvre was one of the youngest coaches at the Division I level. But age did not stop Lefebvre -— she is in her fifth season with the Catamounts. Five seasons after hiring Lefebvre, the Catamounts have had the best start to their America East Conference season since 20...

Senator Bernie Sanders: Man of the people?

Senator Bernie Sanders: Man of the people?

Joey Brown

September 1, 2015

  One month ago, after the GOP debate hosted by Fox News, the honor of most retweeted tweet for the Republican debate came not from a Republican, but from Democrat, or independent, or democratic socialist, or socialist — depending on what day of the week it is, or what is more palatable given the audience and venue — Sen. Sanders: “It’s ov...

Racism can be subtle, too

Gaetano Martello

April 7, 2015

Many people are aware of the recent scandal at University of Oklahoma, where members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were secretly videotaped singing racist chants. This caused a lot of controversy, but more importantly, people seemed to remove themselves from their own internalized racism and end...

Energy summit unites both sides of border

March 31, 2015

Students and industry professionals traded big ideas and projects on energy issues on both sides of the Canadian border. “The Power from the North Conference,” a major regional energy summit, was held in the Davis Center March 23 and 24.Topics on the first day were  the social, economic and environme...

Proposed bill may legalize possession and sale of marijuana

Jill Vaglica

March 10, 2015

Although marijuana possession was decriminalized in Vermont in 2013, one Vermont senator recently introduced a new bill to legalize both possession and distribution, according to a Feb. 18 press release by the Marijuana Policy Project . The bill, S. 95, introduced by Senator David Zuckerman, propos...

Potential tax on sweetened drinks in Vt.

Potential tax on sweetened drinks in Vt.

Danielle Goglia

February 3, 2015

Alcohol, cigarettes and soda may all be entering the same health category, and soon there could be a tax to prove it. The Vermont Beverage Tax proposal is a 2 cent per ounce state-wide tax on sugar-sweetened beverages including soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, sweetened teas and more. "UVM...

Remove 40 percent

January 27, 2015

The human appendix is the classic example of a vestigial organ. It doesn’t really do anything, hundreds of people die a year from them exploding and millions of dollars are spent on surgeries to remove it.Unfortunately, we are all born with these vestigial organs. In Vermont, we have a vestigial la...

No smoking on Church Street

December 9, 2014

A smoking ban approved by the Burlington City Council on four blocks of Church Street.The Burlington City Council met Nov. 10 to vote on the ban, which was passed 11 to 3, according to City Council members. Bianka Legrand of Ward 7 was in favor of the ban.The smoking ban will help families with small child...

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