Culture staff recommends: Best high albums

Culture Staff

When you’re high, nothing beats some dope beats. But sometimes, finding the perfect tune can be a tale of trials and tribulations. Luckily, the cool cats in the culture section know what you need. Here are our music recommendations for your next smoke sesh.

“Meddle” by Pink Floyd 

When the entire B-side of an album is one song, you can be sure it will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. “Meddle” by Pink Floyd is a unique album that functions as a spiritual transformation, especially when under the influence of cannabis or, even better, psychedelics. 

“Meddle” contains six songs of various styles, and the last song, “Echoes,” is over 23 minutes long, creating a musical journey of euphoria. It uses dramatic panning, trippy ambiances, advanced instrumentation and eccentric sound engineering techniques that are absolutely mind-blowing while high. 

The album’s build-ups are dramatic and include a wide range of dynamics that make it feel like a journey through time and space. Listening feels like ascending beyond the heavens, then coming back down to Earth with all the divine knowledge and experience that could ever exist.

With “Meddle,” Pink Floyd successfully grasped the concept of euphoric spiritual connection through sound. The high elevates the music and the music elevates the high.

“Isolation” by Kali Uchis

If you’re ever tasked with managing the aux cord when smoking, just know Kali has you covered.

Something about “Isolation” is so sexy and endlessly suave. Uchis’ tunes hang in the air, the beat hums for a moment in your ear. Collaboration with different artists, speeding up and slowing down, “Isolation” gives you everything you could ever ask for.

Her music is cool, smooth and allows you to imagine smoking a blunt in Miami with BIA—even if you’re all the way in Burlington.

“Walking On a Pretty Daze” by Kurt Vile

When high, the only thing I’m interested in doing is strolling aimlessly. Nothing beats a long, meaningless wander while the brain is entirely out of commission. 

This album, a mix of indie and folk rock by Philadelphia native Kurt Vile, has become my primary companion on these senseless journeys. 

If I’m high, I don’t have any concern for lyrics or any immense artistry, but instead much prefer waves of pretty sound. This album perfectly fits the bill. 

The lyrics are often dumb, and the songs can be obnoxiously long, but the music is so airy and beautiful that it satisfies some itch nestled deep in my high mind. The relaxing carefreeness of this record can transform an otherwise standard walk into a memorable experience. 

“Acid Rap” by Chance the Rapper

“Acid Rap” is the perfect album for your next sesh. 

Chance’s second mixtape is a unique blend of rap with elements from a variety of genres, such as soul, drill, gospel, jazz and house. 

Chance has been open about his experimentation with drugs in his music and interviews. He went from getting suspended in high school for skipping class to smoke to being a three-time Grammy winning artist for songs about drugs. 

The album is both playful and thoughtful. With titles of songs ranging from “Paranoia” to “Smoke Again,” this album has a song for every type of smoker.