Flannel is finally fashionable again

Until recently, the only place you came across flannel was on the shoulders of a farmer cutting wood or in a retro movie from the mid-’90s.However, in the past year, this used-to-be-rural print has burst out of the barn doors and back onto the mainstream fashion scene into the threads of urbanites and celebrities across the country.The most popular print of flannel, it seems, is buffalo plaid (the one that looks like a picnic tablecloth).Many have decided to stick with the authentic red-and-black pattern, but designers have taken a hold of the design and tweaked it with new color schemes to fit today’s trends.Sure it may have been popular during our childhoods, but there have been definite changes. No more baggy flannel, it’s all about the fitted shirts — for both guys and girls.Not down with button-up shirts?It’s all good, because stores are now selling lots of options. From fitted caps to flats, leggings to high tops, handbags to headbands, this print is virtually everywhere — we think because it’s easily accessible and affordable.The lumberjack connotation that goes along with this pattern is legitimate.Dating back to the days of Lewis and Clark, this design was created from two differentlycolored thin wools woven together to make a light, but still warm, fabric. It then became popular because of its comfort and practicality.Buffalo plaid first became a trend rather than a practical item of clothing in the ‘40s and ‘50s.It wove its way back in the ‘90s with the emergence of grunge bands, such as Nirvana, sporting baggy flannel tops.Unlike earlier plaids, ‘90s buffalo plaid had a purposefully messier look to it — today, it has cleaned-up and gone beyond the rock music scene.The plaid has even transcended into the hip hop scene. It is not uncommon to see a rapper rocking a neon green buffalo plaid fitted cap.UVMers, you’re in luck — and in style — this season. The trends have come full circle once again to welcome the classic Vermont print.So bust out your best plaid and look forward to the winter.