No budget means no laughs?

In this tough economy, students on campus may wonder what is out there for them, if anything, post-graduation.A scary thought, but four brave-faced UVM grads, Patrick Cassidy, Adam Jaroszewski, Andrick Deppmeyer and Pat Simone, ventured into post-grad life stumbling on their fears.The four found themselves a couple years out of college and not sure where to go next.”We were sort of at a transition point in our lives,” Jaroszewski said. Thus, “Self Helpless” was born.Though making a film may not have been the obvious choice for Jaroszewski, who studied philosophy, the three others had some hands-on experience studying filmmaking and entrepreneurship at UVM.Cassidy, who also founded UVM’s snowboard team, said he dabbled in snowboard films and other small movies for fun.”Eventually it grew to something we were making a little money from,” Cassidy said. “We did a few promotional videos for Red Bull.”These recreational skills helped them write and shoot “Self Helpless,” since it was made at the lowest budget possible.”This is a no-budget film. It’s a feature-length film, and it’s shot with decent equipment, but this was completely financed by credit cards and some savings,” Jaroszewski said. Despite financial obstacles, they were able to film in Mexico, Burlington and Boston. “We went down there knowing Mexico was a huge opportunity to give this nobody film a chance if it had anything,” Jaroszewski said. Each individual had to approve the process to ensure top-notch quality of the piece. “Everything was filtered through our four-man production team,” Cassidy said. “It was the only way that we could squeeze every drop of quality out of our meager budget.”They also had a lot of help and encouragement from friends, but the most support came from friend Jeremy Hudson, who gave more than just moral support. “Back in the early filming stages, I offered up my house as a location for shooting,” Hudson said. “Since then, that same living room has become home to these ultra-resourceful couch surfers.”Resourceful is the key word — though the budget could have been an issue, they wanted to prove they can still create a film with mainstream appeal. After their premiere at the Roxy in downtown Burlington, they may have done just that. “Self Helpless” was also shown on campus last week — both showings got a lot of laughs. “The UVM screening went well,” Jaroszewski said. “We had 50 students in there, but the crowd was a good one. They were engaged with the movie and laughed their asses off.” The next free screening of “Self Helpless” on campus will be in Fleming 101 on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 7 p.m.