Not-quite-Fall fashions

We all know that during the first month or so of school Burlington weather begins to get finicky. Those in-between temperatures can be a curse or a blessing – those times when it’s too cool to go to the beach but too warm to bundle up.A whole new wardrobe for fall is not the solution, plus financially strapped students don’t usually have that option. Conveniently, all these summer-fall fusion items can be found at less expensive stores like Marshalls.Here is a simple way to update your summer staples with little lukewarm add-ons.cardigans For those days when the sun is shining but Champlain winds are whipping, cardigans are the solution. Face it – cardigans aren’t just for Granny anymore. Celebrities like Kanye West are sporting them, making it easy for guys and girls alike to be comfortable. The combination of a simple tank top and cardigan can take your outfit from zero to 60 and make you look very pulled together. Try different color combinations to stand out… or to blend in with the changing scenery, whichever way you see it.Denim JecketsJean jackets are making a comeback – a classic option for those chillier nights. Fashion faux-pas: wearing a denim jacket with jeans of a different shade. Try wearing bottoms with a pattern, such as a conductor print, instead of jeans to avoid looking like you’re in a denim jumpsuit.Bomber JacketsUsually a little warmer and puffier, these jackets go with almost anything. They’re made in leather – very in this season – cotton and other materials, so you can have more than one and not look repetitive. They can be a little on the shorter side on the ladies, but if you don’t mind your midriff being exposed, go for it, or wear a longer shirt if it’s a little too nippy out!BootsAfter you’ve put away the flip flops and sandals for good, you’re not doomed to wear sneakers and rain boots everyday.Put on those suede boots, and pair ‘em with some tights and shorts – stretch out wearing shorts as long as you can! –  shorts are acceptable in weather above 40 degrees in Vermont.Charlotte Russe, which is in the Burlington Town Center right on Church Street, has great boot options for reasonable prices. You don’t have to walk too far to find fashionable footwear. For the adventurousWhile we’ve been sticking to the classics thus far – we don’t care what anyone says – ripped jeans are stylish and can definitely be practical, especially for this summer-into-fall season. Exposing your legs a little can keep you cool; after all, you can’t wear shorts EVERY day. There’s nothing wrong with changing your look up a little! Whether you buy designer jeans that are pre-ripped or you grab an old pair and shred them yourself, you can’t go wrong. Haters can find the door!So, in essence, lovely readers, we at the Style Files say put your fashion foot forward this year and think a little outside the box.  Your options are not confined to sweatpants, Uggs or hiking boots, and it is totally possible to look great while being a college student. Don’t worry, we’ll be here every other week to guide you on your swag-filled way.