The Style Files

Would you bring a calculator to your English lecture? A sailboat to Wyoming?  How about your skis to Florida?Didn’t think so.Though many of us may lack common sense to a certain degree, it is something you should use all the time — so what makes fashion any different?Oftentimes, fashion gurus tend to be mistaken for prissy people who aren’t down-to-earth.  We at Style Files are here to defend many of you well-dressed individuals by proving that this is not always true.”Remember not to wear your heels to go hiking!” is something we hear often. The last time we checked Webster’s, “fashionable” didn’t show up as a synonym for “stupid.”There’s a time and a place for every type of look. Of course you wouldn’t take nice shoes with you on an outdoorsy trip, just like you wouldn’t — or rather, shouldn’t — wear hiking gear to class.Be proud of who you are, whether you work the catwalk for a living or you live Thoreau-style in the woods. But be smart — wear the right thing for the appropriate situation.Out to Rasputin’s for the night, then off to Jay Peak in the morning? Wear something flashy to get your grind on at night, then bundle up in all your gnar-shredding gear the next morning.Simple, right?It’s not necessary to try to prove you’re down-to-earth by wearing clothes that make you look like you play in the dirt a lot. You never know — that girl with major swag in your economics class could be an avid part-time gardener. Don’t be so quick to judge.We assure you: Looking nice, wearing makeup and dressing up is nothing to be ashamed of.Does a doctor wear his or her lab coat out to the bars after a long day’s work?  No!Use your head.We’ll leave our heels at home if you promise to leave the pajamas at yours.