Wit finds purpose


Rampant jokes about the G.O.P and anti-feminism populated the stand-up show of political satirist and co-creator of “The Daily Show” Lizz Winstead on Oct. 29.

The show was part of Winstead’s “Planned Parenthood, I’m Here for You!” tour.  The comedy was geared toward women but did not solely concern women’s issues.

All the proceeds from the event went toward local Planned Parenthood affiliates, Jill Krowinski, Planned Parenthood public affairs director for Vermont, said in an Oct. 12 press release.

Winstead’s tour comes from her concern for attacks on Planned Parenthood, which she has longstanding support for.

“Women’s health has become the number one focus of the radical right — even worse, it has been reduced to a bargaining chip,” Winstead said in the press release. “If creating jobs is the number one priority for politicians in this country, why are they so focused on my uterus? My uterus doesn’t create jobs, in fact it no longer even does the one job it’s supposed to!” 

Winstead cracked jokes on many prominent Republican politicians and presidential candidates who want to harm the efforts of Planned Parenthood.

“Republicans are talking about reducing abortions by outlawing contraception.” Winstead said. “What kind of world is this? [One] where you’ve got unicorns and abstinence?” 

Winstead joked about her Vermont crowd. 

“I thought I’d come here and you guys would power the lightings with your bicycles … I expected that all of your pants would have zippers at the knee in case there was ever a sudden hiking trip,” she said.

After the stand-up portion of the event, Winstead read an excerpt from her book coming out in June 2012. The excerpt described her experience as a 16-year-old finding herself pregnant.

 Contributing information: Michael De Sousa, Staff Writer.