A Taste of TASTE

If you have been at UVM for more than a semester, you are well aware of the importance of occasionally eating off campus.

Luckily, we are fortunate enough to be in a town with an assortment of good food only a short walk away.

With that being said, there are many different reasons that a UVM student would decide to eat off campus.

Whether your parents are in town, you finally got a date with that cute guy/girl in your bowling class, or you just have to grab some quick dinner with your roommates because every dish in the house is dirty, there is a place in Burlington for you. The purpose of this column is to give you some guidance on where to go for each kind if occasion. It is our hope to give you a clear idea and feel for each restaurant that we review so you will know exactly what to expect.

Because of the wide variety of cuisine and establishments that we will review, we will not be using a set scale like thumbs or stars. Instead, you will get all the negative and positive aspects of each establishment, including our honest opinion on whether it is worth your time and money.

The restaurant we have chosen for this week’s review is a relatively new restaurant to Burlington called TASTE. The first thing that we love about TASTE is that it isn’t on Church Street but on the Burlington waterfront.

The change of scenery is nice as well as the fact that this restaurant’s quality is equal to those on Church Street while being less expensive. TASTE also offers a patio with outdoor seating, perfect for taking in a sunset over the lake.

TASTE is a trendy restaurant with a sophisticated interior and modern d?©cor. You will find it hard to miss the dramatic, original artwork hanging on the wall, proving that the owner can do more than just cook. The atmosphere is pleasant and quiet and it was easy for us to carry on a conversation over the sounds of Phish hovering around us.

TASTE also offers a private dining room with a large round table that can seat ten comfortably. There is no extra charge to reserve this room that would be perfect for a birthday dinner or other celebration (you would want to call several days ahead though).

There was one aspect that seemed to contradict the rest of the ambience. The big bright neon open sign hanging in the window is identical to the one which hangs outside the “masseuse parlor” in my hometown, famous for its happy-endings.

When it comes to food however, TASTE has certainly hit the mark. They feature an eclectic menu with several different types of fresh fish, thick steaks, salads with organic and locally grown greens, as well as a large selection of vegetarian dishes. The servings are large and the presentation is more than unique.

To complement the dishes, TASTE’s meals feature original sides and garnishes that accent the dishes nicely. You will not leave TASTE feeling hungry!

It won’t be hard to find a nice drink to pair with your food either. TASTE offers a good wine selection, cheap drinks, and an assortment of original concoctions with names that will make you smile. If you decide to have dessert make sure you order a glass of their ice wine as an aperitif; they are one of the few restaurants in town that serve it.

Being people who enjoy to eat out, and do so a lot, we have found that the restrooms at restaurants say a lot about the place and even have the potential to make or break one’s experience. In closing, although we had a great dining experience, we will say that TASTE should have taken a little more care in the designs of their bathrooms!