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Higher Ground to Close?

October 9, 2002

Rumors have been spreading around campus that Higher Ground will be closing down. As the most popular venue in the Burlington/Winooski area, the closure of Higher Ground would dramatically change the music scene in Burlington. Higher Ground, which opened in April of 1998, books a wide variety of shows ...

UVM Purchases Trinity

October 9, 2002

The University of Vermont Board of Trustees announced plans last week to acquire the entire campus of Trinity College, located on Colchester Avenue in downtown Burlington. The 14.3 million dollar purchase will expand UVM's main campus by more than 20 acres and grant access to 17 new buildings. President Fogel expressed ...

UVM’s Changes

October 3, 2002

We're talking about future jobs. About $30,000. We're talking about horrible food at the Mar'shit. About 20 YEAR OLD KIDS. Every kid has been harassed by the UVM "police" (some refer to them as wardens to this prison). It seems like every kid on campus has a story. The recent efforts to turn the...

Denny Lane

October 1, 2002

As the founder and chair of the Vermont Grassroots Party(VGP) from 1992 to 2001, I'd like to thank all Vermonters who voted for VGP candidates in the past. However, I resigned from the VGP last year after current "leadership" threw out the VGP Constitution and platform and replaced it with nothing....

Opinion Piece

September 27, 2002

To whom it may concern: I wanted to get this opinion article into this week's Cynic that will be coming out Tuesday, October 2. The article is pasted below. It conerns a soon upcoming event as well, so I wanted to make sure that it got into this Cynic, so that people would know about it well in advance....


September 22, 2002

The recent discussions over the International Socialist Organization obscure a basic point: Fundamentally, it is an anti-intellectual group. It has no real interest in reasoned debate or true intellectual inquiry. The reality is that it is a cult -- albeit one based on worship of political figures...

Press Releases

September 20, 2002

Could you please send me an e-mail address to which I could send a press release regarding a funny book on college life? Thank you.

Writing Possiblities

September 20, 2002

Perhaps my first email did not process correctly...I am a junior at UVM this year, but I am currently in Washington DC studying journalism at American University. I would be willing to cover Washington, or the surrounding areas this fall for the Cynic. I think it would give the Cynic some depth and...

Extra Lawn Found

September 4, 2002

Dear UVM Neighbors:A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I found in our back yard, a lovely, wide-open patch of grass where our hammock and hammock stand used to be. While we appreciate the extra lawn, we really do miss our hammock, which was a wedding present.So if, by any chance, a slightly worn,...

control of the human herd

June 19, 2002

6/18/02To the editorUVM and its cynics have a far greater reponsibility. Our socio-economic structure has been changed by government so that we now are focused on accumulation of wealth and building empires and worship of the almight dollar. We have forgotten that life is for living. Only a small...

May 4th Rally at City Hall Park

April 24, 2002

As a Vermonter who has had many friends and family graduate from and relatives works at UVM, I'm disturbed by UVM's police actions at the annual 420 event and in general. My cousin brought literature to distribute about the May 4th Marijuana Rally at City Hall Park in Burlington and security made him...

Students Actively Involved in Politics and the Environment

April 17, 2002

Students Actively Involved in Politics and the EnvironmentKatie Students in ENVS 195: Politics and the Environment have spent the past semester researching and actively engaging in current environmental issues with all the candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor...

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