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April showers seem here to stay, so brighten your rainy days by checking out what the Cynic Culture writers are currently excited and passionate about.

Podcast: Always Open

Allie O’Connor

In weekly romps of comedy, alcohol and introspection, hosts Barbara Dunkelman and Mariel Salcedo take on questions about life, love, sex and everything in between on “Always Open”.

Alongside a rotating cast of fellow employees of the popular media production company Rooster Teeth, as well as the occasional internet celebrity, Dunkelman and Salcedo handle fun icebreaker games and fan-submitted questions with relatable and comedic flair.

As one of many podcasts in Rooster Teeth’s network, “Always Open” sets itself apart from the rest with its honest and vibrant discussions of everything from mental health to how to handle working in the entertainment industry.

Album: When I Get Home

Jack Eccelston

Solange’s newest album casts aside the burden of structure and embraces atmosphere and abstract introspection, to great effect.

‘When I Get Home’ combines elements of Contemporary rhythm and blues and Neo-soul, serving as an homage to growing up in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas.

Fans expecting Solange’s signature lyrical virtuosity may be disappointed, but despite noticeably short songs, Solange is soft and reflective, as well as jarring and experimental. She brings an early contender for album of the year.

Movie: Velvet Buzzsaw

Anna Kolosky

Solange’s newest album casts aside the burden of structure and embraces atmosphere and abstract introspection, to great effect.

Directed by Dan Gilroy, “Velvet Buzzsaw” is a suspenseful film of drama, satire, art and body horror that blends satire with the supernatural.

With a cast comprised of Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Dyer, Daveed Diggs and Rene Russo, this film is full of great acting. The movie begins with Morf making art critiques at an exhibition in Miami Beach, Florida, with his friend, Josephina, who works for Rhodora Haze, the owner of the Haze Gallery and former member from the aptly named rock band, Velvet Buzzsaw.

Despite a cheesy ending to a complicated plot, “Velvet Buzzsaw” is a great choice for lovers of horror and thriller and is certainly worth a watch.

Comedy Special: Growing

Bridget Higdon

In her new comedy special on Netflix, Amy Schumer, the well-known party girl from Long Island, has matured both in her humor and her own life.

Schumer’s act is a balance of her classic, raunchy jokes and new, more personal stories. She takes time to discuss her complicated pregnancy and she’s real about her arrest at the hearings for Brett Kavanaugh.

Schumer’s strong feminist messages aren’t revolutionary, but they don’t need to be. She’s a comic, not a politician, and her jokes amplify women’s trials in a way that makes the experiences more digestible.