Musician creates a solo sound for fans

Some musicians can do it all, from cozy living room shows to big festival performances.

Chadwick Stokes, member of Dispatch and State Radio, is coming to Higher Ground Feb. 26 to debut his solo album, “The Horse Comanche.”

The idea for “The Horse Comanche” was formed during Stokes’ Living Room Tour, where he played a majority of his shows in the homes of his fans, he said.

Although he enjoyed the intimate environment of his last tour, Stokes said he looks forward to the change of scenery.

Stokes referred to his new album as “relationship-based, with a moral message to always climb back up.”  He described the track, “Hazy Maze”, as a “psychedelic escape.” He ended the album on a lighter note with the track, “Walter,” which depicts a healthier love.

Many fans are excited for Stokes’ solo work.

“The combined group style is awesome but its cool when you can hear the pieces of that,” sophomore Katina Leier said.

“I love them as a band together so I haven’t listened to all their solo stuff,” she said.

Aside from his music, Stokes said he is involved with the Calling All Crows Foundation, which promotes social activism through the conjoined efforts of artists and fans.

“Our mission ranges from standing on street corners with pro-gay marriage signs to refugee work,” Stokes said.

Recently, the foundation has been sending winterization packets to Syria.

The social activism conversation ignited a discussion about recent developments surrounding Ferguson and Eric Garner.

“It starts with the abuse of power and it continues without any indictments; I feel as though the justice system is in the wrong place,” Stokes said.

Stokes also touched upon today’s social climate.

“I think the biggest problem in todays world is greed; I wonder what it’s going to take to make the world realize things need to change,” he said.

Although Stokes is performing solo for his upcoming tour, Dispatch fans can expect a new record in 2016, Stokes said.

Stokes’ other band, State Radio, remains on break for another year.

“The Horse Comanche” is now out and on sale in stores across the country.