Rocktober starts at WRUV

Mason Haynes

This month will mark the debut of WRUV’s new event titled Rocktober.

Inspired by last year’s March Radness, events director senior Tate Kamish and her team decided to help us cope with the post-summer blues by bringing us the essence of March Radness in the beginning of fall.

March Radness was a series of weekly shows this past March co-hosted by WRUV and ArtsRiot, the well-known downtown Burlington ‘hipster hangout’ venue.

Similarly, Rocktober will be a series of weekly shows throughout October, each co-hosted by ArtsRiot and WRUV.

If you know anything about WRUV radio station and their well versed staff, you know to expect their typical bill of fresh, funky and eclectic artists.

“Every DJ on our team is allowed to broadcast whatever they want as long as it’s never been on the billboard top 100 list,” Kamish said. “They also have to keep up with new releases, but everyone has a really eclectic taste, so I sent a survey out to our staff with suggestions for each show because it’s hard to find artists that please everyone.”

When she compared the survey results with the artist’s schedules and WRUV’s budget, Kamish said she came up with a comprehensive list of both local and non-local names.

The list included everyone from the alternative hip-hop artist Milo, famous for his laid back beats and thought provoking bars, to local up-and-coming MC’s such as Sam Paulino.

The Rocktober schedule also features Huntress and the Holder of Hands, a relatively new band formed by MorganEve Swain after the loss of her husband and musical partner in 2014.

The post-metal, Americana and blues influences on the five-piece group create a sound that explores love, loss and the power to overcome.

These names are just some of the highlights on the schedule. Rocktober is really what WRUV is all about: exploring new sounds, discovering underground talent and sharing new findings with the UVM and greater Burlington community.

“[ArtsRiot is] a local vessel to get WRUV’s influence out into the community and branch out into the greater Burlington area,” Kamish said. “Likewise, it helps ArtsRiot reach out to UVM students who may not know that it even exists.”

WRUV will not be broadcasting the shows, but instead will attempt to have each artist live in-studio in the afternoon of each of the four Rocktober dates, she said.

Rocktober at ArtsRiot will take place on Oct. 5, 12, 20 and 28. More information about ticket sales, Rocktober artists, show times and event openers can be found on the WRUV website.