Cynic Fit Check: Anna Shea

Sophia Venturo, Culture Editor

Anna Shea is a senior environmental studies major from Verona, New Jersey. She is a founding member of Students for Justice in Palestine, a member of Bread and Roses Collective and a Production Shift Leader at the Davis Center. She also runs the popular TikTok account @sibunanna.

THE CYNIC: Tell us about the look.

SHEA: I would say that this is my new favorite look that I started wearing over break. I really like wearing these leg warmers over these tights that I got for my Halloween costume — my Patricia from “House of Anubis,” Halloween costume. And this skirt I got at H&M like a bajillion years ago. I stopped wearing it because it’s really short but when you’re sitting inside all day you can wear whatever you want! The sweater is from Goodwill. I think it’s fun to wear like, a big-ol’-thing.

THE CYNIC: And the accessories?

SHEA: Oh yes! I got these earrings at a place in New York, like a fancy craft store sort of thing. And this necklace I found at home from my childhood and I never wore it because what child wears a necklace? Anyways, the scrunchie I got at Claire’s. 

UVM Senior Anna Shea holds her cat Pesto in her off-campus apartment Jan. 30. (Elaina Sepede)

THE CYNIC: Describe your style in a nutshell.

SHEA: I don’t think it’s really tied down to anything. I feel like a lot of the time the things I wear are inspired by things that I watch and then I’ll just wear that outfit over and over again until I’m exhausted of it. I’m just inspired by a lot of the things I see.

THE CYNIC: Give us an example.

SHEA: In the movie “Sing Street” there’s a character I’m really inspired by, Raphina. It’s like an 80s thing, which I think had a lot of cool fashion. So I’ll wear these shoes with jeans, which gives you a nice long leg look, with my kimono and a black turtle-neck. Then it’s a nice, stylish look and it reminds me of her.

Shea sits on the edge of her bed showing off the leg warmers she layered over her tights Jan. 30. Shea bought these tights for her Halloween costume when she dressed up as Patricia from “House of Anubis.” (Elaina Sepede)

THE CYNIC: So apart from the characters you look to for inspiration, who or what else has influenced your style choices throughout your life?

SHEA: I feel like it’s never really one thing. But there was this one influencer, @natweaves, back in high school that I started doing the party-pony because of. I’m always trying new things with my hair but prior to that I hadn’t really. I also took a trip to Ireland before I started high school, and I’d say that was a formative thing for me fashion-wise. I bought a leopard print sweater and that was when I felt like I really got my style. Because obviously, who dresses good in middle school? But after that trip I just got a vision in my head of what I wanted to wear. 

UVM Senior Anna Shea’s closet displays her style Jan. 30. Shea’s style is inspired by different things she watches. (Elaina Sepede)

THE CYNIC: What does “style,” or the way you present aesthetically, mean to you?

SHEA: I feel like coronavirus as a whole has really changed my perspective on fashion. Before I would just wear whatever to go to campus or go to class and on the weekends I would wear what I wanted. This summer I realized that I’m just sitting around doing nothing, I might as well wear whatever I want because it’s fun. Since then I’ve been loving how I can wear skirts and dresses whenever. I kinda like how coronavirus makes it so I can do that any time of year. It’s like weather doesn’t exist.

Shea poses with a baby blue embroidered sweater she found at Goodwill Jan. 30.
(Elaina Sepede)

THE CYNIC: Is there anything else impactful that we didn’t get to?

SHEA: Something I enjoy about the clothes that I own is that I have a lot of things that I bought recently that I like to pair with stuff that I’ve had for a really long time. I don’t really get rid of the clothes I don’t wear, I just leave them in New Jersey. I don’t think I’ve donated a clothing item in like forever because I’m just too attached to all of it. And I think it’s cool when you take something old and find a way to make it new again. Like, I had to stop wearing this skirt, but now I can wear it again!