DC Delirium belatedly rings in the new year

Hundreds of students took to the dance floor, made crafts and belatedly welcomed the arrival of 2011 at a New Year’s Eve-themed “DC Delirium” party at the Davis Center Friday night. “We’ve got floor-to-floor of everything,” sophomore and University Program Board (UPB)  Traditions Committee member Justin Adelman said. “It’s DJs, make your own street signs, make your own key chains, impersonators, drag queens, food, break dancers, mood lighting, massages, caricature artists, just everything.” Sophomore and event co-organizer Jennifer Carmin said DC Delirium was created to be a fun way to welcome students back to campus after break. “The whole point of our event is an alternative to different things in Burlington, like the drinking and all the other stuff. It’s a different way of partying,” Carmin said. “We tried to recreate New Year’s for the people who couldn’t celebrate it together over break,” Adelman said. “It’s just a night of insanity.” A half-hour after the midnight “New Year’s” countdown, dozens of students still danced to the beats and light show of a Boston-based DJ as many more lined up to make custom street signs, receive a henna tattoo or pose for a caricature artist. “It’s going really well. Everyone’s been having a lot of fun,” first year and UPB Event Team member Alex McVarish said. “There was a big rush early in the night. The chili cook-off brought a lot of people, and people liked the Cher [impersonator] show.” McVarish said she was pleased with the number of students who showed up. “For a UPB event, at 12:30 in the morning, this is a big crowd. This is a good turnout,” she said. Senior and UPB Events Team member Molly Checksfield explained the motivation of the students who worked to make DC Delirium a success. “It ends and you see people happy; you walk by and people are talking about how awesome it is. As someone who has experience planning [campus events], it’s such an awesome feeling because you know you’re making people happy,” she said. “To actually see that come to fruition is a really great feeling.”