Energy Efficiency in a Long, Cold Winter

No one enjoys paying their utility bills. Especially when money is short and the cost is high. With heating-oil prices surging and natural-gas prices forecast to be up to 70 percent higher this year in some regions, homeowners are worried. Are you looking for cost-effective and easy ways to lower your energy bills? This winter is going to be brutal for Burlington residents paying their gas and electric bills. But there are ways to reduce your utilities without costing you an arm and a leg. Living in an energy efficient home is the way to do it. The purpose of energy efficient living is to minimize the amount of energy used/wasted, while at the same time maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. As Vermont’s power demand has increased (9% since 1999) there has been a strong focus in the state on encouraging energy efficient living. In the next month, there will be guides placed in Bailey Howe Library, Cook Commons, Marche, Rubenstein School of Environmental and Natural Resources, Waterman Building, and the Fletcher Free Library. These guides will contain cheap and easy tips to creating energy efficient homes. In the guide there will be a link to a website containing the “Energy Efficient Living Guide” and links to additional informational resources. If you’re trying to save a couple bucks this winter, keep your eyes peeled for the guide.