Foreign Fashion

As promised, I am about to disclose some of the most important lessons about Ital-ian fashion. I am about to hand you a key, a lovely, chic, leather trimmed key that unlocks the door to a lifetime of sophistication and grace, ?Ê la the Italians.

While reading, keep in mind that I am giving you only the most basic of basic keys to chic. I did extensive observation in several Italian cities, surveying men and women of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, and these are the unifying factors that make them all have that je ne sais quoi air that is seemingly inherent to their nation (Baby Einstein should study whatever this is and market it to young American mothers!).

The Italian glow really starts from the inside out, but it’s how they take care of their skin that really enhances this. Italians age so gracefully, and not because of plastic surgery. They are obsessed, however, not with Botox, but with eye cream … and face cream … and lip balm.

Italian women, for the most part, have lovely skin, few wrinkles and few zits. I asked my friend Anna why they look oh so lovely, especially without makeup. She said that they key is truly in the eye cream. She started wearing eye cream at age 16, at the urging of her mother.

At 16, most of our mothers were trying to get us to wipe off some of the black goo lining our eyes.

As far as clothes go, the Italians dress rather classically: very chic, yet very pared down and sophisticated. They certainly do, however, have a flair for accessories. Granted, Italian leather is world famous, so it seems natural that they would have lovely bags. And do they ever!

But they don’t stop the accessorizing at bags (Attention boys: It is so OK to succumb to the man bag it’s so manchic). Men and women alike have lovely shoes, scarves and especially sunglasses!

Maybe they drink too much Chianti at dinner every night so they need to hide their puffy, hung over eyes, but regardless of why, their sunglasses are the cherry on top of an already effortlessly perfect outfit.

Most of us don’t have an extra $900 to spend on some Prada boots or Dior shades, but that’s so unnecessary. Instead, get some knockoffs, grab a scarf, throw on a coat, sling on a purse, and off you go in all your “I just went shopping in Italy” glory!