Groovy UV measures up

If you’re reading this, chances are you attend the 19th biggest party school, ranked by The Princeton Review. This is just one of the lists that UVM appears on for the 2011 year that has students on campus talking.   After surveying over 122,000 students, The Princeton Review came out with their college rankings for 2011. Aside from being No. 19 on the party schools list, UVM also ranked high for Reefer Madness (10) and Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians (20). While these rankings may surprise some, and be not so surprising for others, these are not the only lists that UVM was part of this past year.   SmartMoney came out with a “payback” survey of 50 top-priced schools in the country.  With this list, they made a list of the salaries of alumni. The point of this was to show the connection, or if there is one, between going to a top-priced school and the salary you will presumably be making after you graduate.   With the SmartMoney ranking, the results were based on recent graduates that were out of college for an average of two years, and midcareer alums, out 15 years.   The ranking of the Payback Score is an average of those two groups’ current income.  UVM ranked No. 31 on this list, leaving many students more excited about this ranking than the other previously mentioned rankings. Another positive ranking list that UVM appeared on was U.S. News’ list of the best universities in the country, where UVM was at No. 94.     Rankings The Princeton Review #20 Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians #19 Party Schools SmartMoney #31 College that helps grads get top salaries U.S. News #94 on the national university ranking   Student reactions “I am surprised that UVM is not ranked higher in the Birkenstock-Wearing category. Judging from a routine walk through campus, it seems like the majority of students are the ‘crunchy’ stereotype and there is nearly always some sort of campaign to reduce bottle usage on campus or some other effort to recycle. UVM dining services always have good vegetarian options too. One statistic that I am surprised about is that we are No. 19 party school in     America. After The Princeton Review was released, friends and I were very     shocked about this particular ranking. This is shocking because come January, it     seems that many students choose to stay indoors and do not leave their     residence halls or own apartments due to the frigid weather.”     Kate Woodcome        Senior “I almost think the image UVM tries to portray creates these stereotypes about the student population that are true, but not necessarily for as large a portion of the student body as it would seem. There are definitely a lot of wannabe hippies at UVM, but there are also a lot of preppy suburbanites and jocks. In some senses I feel like the image UVM tries to create for its student body just makes outsiders looking in just see that part of the “UVM culture,” while also allowing the students who don’t fit those stereotypes to almost feel as though they do. I would actually think that the “reefer madness” one would be higher. I know     very few people here who don’t smoke at all, and regardless of those people, weed seems to be an ever-present part of the social scene here. I guess I don’t     know about everywhere else, but from what I’ve seen when visiting friends at     other schools, I think UVM takes the cake in having the most consistent weed     culture.”     Alyssa Bucci            Senior It’s nice to know that UVM was ranked high on the list of top salaries after graduating.  Being a senior it’s only natural to worry about my future so seeing UVM on the SmartMoney list is comforting. It’s nice that UVM is getting recognition.     Isaac Geltzer            Senior