Keep warm, stay in style

Winter in Vermont can be scary, especially without the right apparel to keep you toasty. Although the most important thing is to dress for the chilly weather, there are some fashion choices that should be avoided. Searching for a winter jacket that both does its job and looks cute can be a challenge. Although ski jackets are the warmest option for the winter time, let’s save them for the slopes. Puffy marshmallow coats both look and feel ridiculous. A coat should keep you warm while not giving you the appearance of the Michelin Man. Ladies can try a peacoat for the same warmth but a vamped up style. While I commend the creators of alpaca accessories for their craftsmanship, the wearing of them should be left to the creators. The shape of the sweaters are unflattering, and the material is itchy and drab. In addition to sweaters, a buyer can also purchase mittens, scarves and hats, none of which I suggest buying. Cashmere accessories are super soft and warm and will do the job better than alpaca! Trudging through the snow is a pain, however, unavoidable in Vermont.Keeping our tootsies dry is crucial in staying comfortable. That being said, there are some very unfortunate footwear options that have been seen around campus. Snow boots are not necessary unless you are shoveling the deep snow. Lucky for us, that is done by the fabulous staff. Thanks to the dedicated workers we do not have to sacrifice stylish footwear. UGGs were invented for just this reason, and purchasing the waterproofing kit is an additional idea.