Pizza boasts different crust, variety a must


When looking for a meal that’s fast and satisfies the primal hunger of a college student, the best place to go might be a pizza joint. 

Single slices of pizza cost only a few bucks and are the size of two to three normal-sized pieces of pizza. 

Most places that serve pizza by the slice are also typically more laid-back and conducive to the energetic and rowdy conversation of supercharged college kids.

The following Cynical review includes pizza joints that sell by the slice. 


Mr. Mike’s Pizza

At Mr. Mike’s you can expect a good, wholesome slice of pizza paired with fast service. 

The restaurant can be spotted from a distance with its bright red awnings. The crimson hue continues on the inside, which radiates a college hangout vibe with Bud Light posters plastered on the windows. The atmosphere is completed with an old arcade machine in the corner and a cozy bar set off to the side.

It has just the right amount of grit to make you feel like you are not out with your mother. The wobbly tables remind you that you are not here for fine dining but a slice of heaven, while its large fishbowl windows tempt onlookers. 

The pizza is ideal in its perfect cheese-to-sauce ratio that doesn’t leave you drowning in grease. It is very easy to lose track of which slice you are working on while chatting with a group of friends. 

Mr. Mike’s Pizza has a classic taste, one that is reminiscent of the good ol’ days, whatever that might mean for you. 


Ken’s Pizza & Pub


Ken’s Pizza has a different atmosphere that draws a slightly older crowd, but that doesn’t mean college students don’t stop in often. Immediately after entering, you are hit by a blast of warm air and the aroma of freshly grated cheese, which is just the sort of environment you want after power walking there from campus on a bitter cold day.

For those of age, a medium-sized bar is available. Booths packed closely together utilize body heat, and the cushioned seats mimic the comfort of a beat-up couch.

The employees don’t literally whistle as they work, but you will hear their playful banter as you wait for your slice to arrive.

Ken’s pizza has a golden-brown glow, suggesting the cheese is authentic. Taking a bite creates delicate strands. 

Ken’s inviting atmosphere urges restaurant-goers to slow down and enjoy the moment.


Junior’s Downtown

If you happen to walk into Junior’s and find yourself enticed by the smell, it is a good idea to stick around.

Junior’s is clearly going for an old-world Italian look with their tiny tables, black and white checkered tablecloths, and fancy woodwork on the ceiling. 

The pizza completes this image and is served steaming hot on a metal plate. You will have to fold it in half because of its thinness, but this doesn’t take away from its taste.

The relaxed atmosphere makes Junior’s the perfect spot for a study date, especially if you’re craving some rustic pizza. 


Manhattan Pizza and Pub

Manhattan Pizza is more for the older crowd of college students. 

The inside is decorated with MardiGras knickknacks and an old pool table sits in the corner of the restaurant ready to be played.

The place has a lot of seating and a small triangular stage where live artists can play.

The pizza has a slightly more sweet taste than other pizza joints. The crust is bready, filling and satisfying. 

Manhattan Pizza is a place for Friday night barhopping and big enough for large-scale celebrations. 


Big Daddy’s Pizza


Big Daddy’s prides itself on its fast delivery service, but unknown to some, it has a sit-down area in its restaurant.  

It is the place to go when you have a large group to feed and need the food fast. 

The pizza slices are large enough to curb hunger.

Instead of ordering out, stop in and enjoy one of life’s greatest gifts — pizza.