Relationship’s blurred lines

Relationships blurred lines

So you’re a month or two into a relationship, and it’s going pretty well. You begin to wonder, is this exclusive? Does this person care about me? Are people beginning to associate the two of us together?

“Emotional ambiguity happens when there is no direct line of honest communication, which leads to a combination of mixed signals and digression,” first-year Jacob Ahrens said.

Ambiguity can be defined as a lack of certainty in meaning or intention, according to

This ambiguity can be emotionally tiring and mentally damaging. In the early stages of a relationship, it is common for the individuals involved to wonder whether they are just “hanging out” or are actually dating, according to Psychology Today.

“This can happen to any and all ages,” first-year Angie Brown said.

When a couple isn’t communicating about what they want out of the relationship, friction can arise.

“There will always be misunderstandings without communication,” first-year Harper Simpson said. “Without communication, how can you know what to expect from your partner?”

When emotions are not discussed or actively made clear, “it could cause one person to think they’re exclusive while the other is thinking something very different,” Brown said.

When the two partners are on different pages, questions are bound to surface.

“When you start sharing feelings that is when it gets more serious, even if it’s casual,” first-year Shawn Palmer said.

Not sharing feelings or thoughts at any point could be a red flag in the relationship, which shouldn’t be ignored.

“It becomes a game of who can care less,” senior Nicole Davis said. “When the other person in a relationship is acting strange, it makes you feel that you also have to act that way.”

Bottom line: figure out what you want or need in a relationship before you get too heavily involved. Answering these tough questions makes it easier to let go of those who aren’t healthy for us. You should not risk your value or self-worth for a relationship. With a break from school coming up, this can be a great time to think things over. You won’t have your school work or academic responsibilities distracting you.

You can also use this time to get some space from the person you are involved with. But remember to enjoy the turkey too.